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Jerry Lembo
President   Jerry Lembo Entertainment Group
Jason Toy
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Promotion Coordinator   WKLB-FM
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2016/02 3:46 PM
Living Large Larry ON KGHL/Billings

Livin Large Larry is now on Classic country KGHL, The Mighty 790/Billings, MT.  This is in addition to his live  Internet talk show in the morning here and YouTube and TuneIn. Larry is on now on KGHL doing afternoons live 3-6 p.m.

"Thank you to owner Taylor Brown for giving me this opportunity to work with some of the region's best talents includling morning man Nick Taylor."

2016/02 12:26 PM
Beasley Promotes Mike "Mad Dog" West

Mike "Mad Dog" West has been promoted to morning co-host from evenings at  KCYE/Las Vegas effective Monday, February 15.  Joining him in the mornings will be co-host Kris Daniels.  He takes over the seat held by Rick Kelly who left in December.

“It’s rewarding to grow such tremendous talent from within, and Mike West has truly earned this opportunity,” said . “I had been searching carefully, trying to find my perfect co-host. After an extensive interview process, it quickly became clear that the ideal fit for my morning show was working right here, within our Vegas on-air staff!”

“This is an amazing offer, and I am so excited to work with Kris Daniels," said West.  "I have been working nights with Beasley since 2010, just waiting for my big chance. It’s a dream come true for me.” 

2016/02 11:01 AM
Wednesday's CRS 2016 Highlights

 Today's (2/10) CRS sessions ranged in topics from coaching to promotions to understanding your listener's language.

The "Promotions Start to Finish" was a fast moving, interactive session where various promo pros were given various situations and asked to build the promotion given the parameters (randomly picked out of a bucket!).  One situation involved giving away two CMA Award Show tickets and having a budget of $500 while another promoting a major concert with no budget.  

Some of the takeaways included getting partners on board as much as possible so that you don't try to carry the entire load.  Getting your sales department involved is always helpful and having potential sponsors in your back pocket can be a life saver.  Doing pre-planning with these potential sponsors and knowing what advertisers are currently promoting is also helpful in those tight deadline/low budget promotions.

Everything from a tail gate party to renting an RV and having a private concert inside the RV for a VIP experience were mentioned.  Renaming the radio station the day of the event (with the artist's name) is essential.  If you are going to have a pre or post event at the venue, pay particular attention to location. If your competition is there, make sure you're more front and center (close to the entrance gates). 

If you don't have a budget for a particular concert, get the second or third act (especially if they're local) on the air or in the studio for a day or two before the event.  Have some signed memorabilia to give away, try to tie into the community or charity or get free publicity via newspaper or TV through fun stunts or events.  This also gives talent content to talk about on air. Always remember to use digital as it is typically inexpensive. If you have a station app, use that to your full advantage.

Cash is king.  Although you may not always be able to swing it, to give cash away is a big plus.  If not, get sponsors on board for things like travel expenses

Be mindful of having a relationship with your local ABC TV affiliate so that you can work with them to make the Country award shows have more of an impact in your market.  If you have not established one, make that phone call now!

In the "Listeners Are You Speaking Their Language" session Beverlee Branigan and Brian Thomas compared what PD and consumers thought of the content between the songs--audio, slogans, promotions, imaging, jocks, breaks, etc.

The information was gathered from 1174 Country P1s 21-49. The information was rated on whether the breaks between songs were informational, entertaining and whether listeners would tune out.

Differences between the PDs and listeners were sometimes subtle but other times great.  

The panel thought that overall, we are in a very Twitter oriented society and  listeners' attention span is approx. 7-8 seconds.  It was also mentioned that sometimes we may be losing listeners due to the effects we use in breaks.  Women, in particular, have too much chaos in their lives and these over processed, loud bits may cause more irritations than not.  It is also hard to concentrate or focus on what the message is. 

When it comes to information (weather, traffic, etc) done between the songs listeners are listening carefully. Weather and traffic have a major impact on our listeners' lives.  It was concluded that information is under utilized and frequently in the car we are our listeners only source for important information.  They expect it from radio and we need to deliver. We need people to feel safe...thanks to the car radio.

When doing promos, that the listener benefit needs to be mentioned first.  What is in it for them?

Artists' voices and endorsements rate highly with listeners.  It is as if they are endorsing our station and when we transition into a song from the artist after the break, even better. 

In the session "From the Outside Looking In, Other Formats Give Their Take On Country" various programmers from other formats talked with R.J. Curtis about the differences between their formats and Country.    Those on the panel included Troy Hanson, Corporate PD/Rock Format Cumulus; Doc Winter, Sr. VP of Urban Programming, iHeartMedia; Gillette, PD WPLJ, NY and John Ivey, Sr. VPof Progamming CHR Brand Manager, iHeartMedia;

Dependent upon their market, Country typically shares audience with Hot AC/AC and shares the commonality with the Urban format as our listeners are both passionate about the music and live the lifestyle.  We also have cross over artists.  Both AC and Country share the lament about the "no mans land" for records where songs are not moving up or down and programmers are not sure what to do with them.  The conclusion was that other songs will bump them out or programmers will be forced to decide dependent upon the competition from other songs coming up.

Discussions about rotations, relationships between labels, artist and radio were all discussed.  The Country format was envied by other formats for their label/artist/radio relationships.  Spin count needs to be higher if targetting a younger demo and John Ivey emphasized the importance of constantly working on your music (he works on it daily...if not hourly) and taking a chance on what you hear as a hit, if it will mesh with your station overall--whether it will or will not stereotypically fit your format.   Ivey also talked about moving songs down and up in your rotation categories..."there are no rules... only those programmers put on themselves."  Sound was also discussed and the need to balance your station.  If you don't have enough of something or too much of something else...go look for something to balance it with something you feel is a hit musically (even it doesn't fit into your pre-conceived notion of what should be on your station).

Establishing one-on-one relationships between radio and artists (without labels/publicists) and encouraging them to contact you etc., will serve you well.  They will remember that you were there and cared about them when they were coming up.

When asked what Country radio should do in the next year or so the suggestion was made that Country get back into the "Taylor business".  

"That's expensive real estate and you're just going to let it go?"

Registrants were also treated to a fabulous lunch hosted by BMLG featuring Jennifer Nettles, Justin Moore, Drake White, Tara Thompson and Tucker Beathard.  

Tim McGraw drew the sessions of CRS 2016 to a close when he talked with R.J. Curtis and Beverlee Brannigan about his insights about his career.


2016/02 9:13 AM
iHeartMedia Promotes Sr. Programming Execs

Meg Stevens, Steve Geofferies, Andrew Jeffries, Tony Coles and Thea Mitchem has all been promoted to Division EVP/Programming for iHeartMedia National Programming Group.

They will join current Division EVP/Progamming Gene Romano and will report to Naitonal Programming Gruop EVP/GM Brad Hardin.

The company is currently made up of four geographic divisions, each led by a new Division President.  The Divisions are organized into 36 Regions that are led by Region Presidents.  Each member of the new Division EVP/Progrmaming team will work with a Divison President to work with each region.  Jeffries and Geoffries will work with Greg Ashlock and the West Divison; Coles will work with Matt Martin and the Central Division and Mitchem and Stevens will work with Hartley Adkins and the Northeast Divison and Romano with work with Tom McConnell and the Midwest Southeast Division.

Great programming is the foundation of our stations, and we're fortunate to have an amazing group of local program directors leading our brands." said iHeartMedia Pres./National Programming Group Tom . "The collaboration between local programming and the iHeartMedia National Programming Group unlocks the unparalleled scale and assets of iHeartMedia, providing us with unmatched resources which benefit each and every one of our stations."      

2016/02 7:54 AM
Scott Meier New Midwest Family GM

Scott Meier has joined Midwest Family Broadcasting/Springfield MO as Gm for Country KOMG, Bob 105.1.  Other stations he will be overseeing include Classic Rock KKLH, The Cave, Top 40/$ KOSP, The Beat and Active Rock KQRA, Q 102.  He was most recently RVP/Market Manager with Cumulus/Detroit.

Entering Missouri's third largest market that is rich with heritage, broadcasting leadership, and a top performing team of air talent, sales representatives, and support staff is an exciting adventure. Midwest Family Broadcasting/Springfield is vibrant with an unmatched discipline for excellence and sound quality in the market" said. “These radio stations live and breathe Southwest Missouri!"


2016/02 7:50 AM
Star Farm Promotes Helton and Borchetta

Star Farm has promoted Brad Helton (left) and Chris Borchetta (right).  Helton, former Sr. Director/Promotion has been promoted to VP/Promotion for the company and Borchetta, former Director of West Coast Promo is the new Sr. Director. Helton has been with the label since it launched in 2014.  Borchetta joined a month later and came from Nine North Records/Turnpike Music.

"These guys have kicked ass for us the last 18 months, and we are proud to give them the rewards they deserve,” said Corbin.

Helton said, “Looking back, we are incredibly proud of the work we have done with LoCash, Love and Theft, Toby Rainey and Olivia. We’re very excited about the future with David Ray, Adley Stump, Stephanie Quayle, Lucas Hoge, Avid Ray, Adley Stump, Stephanie Quayle, Lucas Hoge, Trailer Choir and Davisson Brothers Band, and we’re also pumped to start working with the next group of great promotion executives who want to grow things in Nashville, Tennessee.”


2016/02 7:34 AM
Noah Galloway Addresses CRS

Noah Galloway, former US Army soldier, motivational speaker and ABC-TV "Dancing With the Stars" season 20 contestant spoke to CRS participants this morning (2/9).  Galloway fought in the Iraq War and durng his second deployment he lost an arm, a leg from above the knee, injuries to his other leg and had a hole in his jaw.

He talked about how he dealt with his depression and pain both mentally and physically.  He stressed the importance of physical fitness, working out and running races.  Galloway said that despite the fact that you never want to be outwardly cocky, you do have to be cocky in your head.  He told himself that he was special and he is doing what most people can't.  

The importance of hard work and how many talk about what they want but they are not willing to put in the work.  And, if you don't do your best there are others who will and take your job.

He ended his talk with a reference of artist Chris Janson asking the audience if they thought he was "out on a boat..." No was the answer to his own question.  

"...he is pushing it.  This is a city full of starving talent wanting to get to where he is and they will take it from him if he's not constantly moving and working."


2016/02 7:30 AM
Vince Gill Pop-Up Shop Offers CRS Attendees Album Discount

Vince Gill will release his latest studio album "Down to My Last Bad Habit" to all CRS attendees at a 20% discount.  Gill has opened a pop-up shop in downtown Nashville on Lower Broadway and all attendees who show their badge will get the discount.

The pop-up location is at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop at 417 Broadway, Nashville.


2016/02 7:19 AM
Edison Media Research Presents "Ear Wars"

Edison Research presented another enlightening research presentation "Ear Wars" this morning at CRS 2016.  The presentation based on Star Wars and creatively used many graphics and references to explain their findings. Larry Rosin and Megan Lazovik explained to the audience how radio can compete with other audio sources that are "invading" radio's listeners.

The two shared results of their research after interviewing 1560 listeners on line as well as in-person interviews in Philadelphia, Knoxville and Terre Haute, IN.

They found that those interviewed spend 4 hours per day listening to audio and of that 54% of those are listening to AM/FM.  This was followed by 16% owned music, 15% streamed music and 7% SiriusXM. As expected, subscribers to SiriusXM listen to their satellite service 52% in their cars and interestingly, 39% of subscribers listen to AM/FM due to radio's ability to personalize and connect with them.

And, that personalization and ability to connect and localize for our listeners is our big advantage.  The two researchers explained F.O.M.A., their acronym for "Fear Of Missing Out".  Listeners, they explained, don't want to miss out on any important local stories, happenings, news, traffic and weather.  They are listening because this is something they can't get listening to Pandora, satellite, Spotify, internet radio, podcasting, Apple Music, You Tube, Music Choice, etc. They also want to hear their favorite songs and also want to hear new music but they want to connect with those behind the mic.  

Radio use is strong, they emphasized, because of its ability to connect and we need to use that to our full advantage. Of those participants 63% said they listen to radio because they know they will be informed when news breaks, 55% said they like radio's community involvement and 46% citing personalities. More than half of listeners feel it is important for stations to give back to their communities as well as other causes.

Rosin also touched on commercials and told the audience that stations need to stop demonizing the advertising.  He said that listeners don't hate commercials they can just become mildly annoyed.  He also asked the question of whether it isn't time that radio stations begin to take control of the quality of the commercials.

In closing, Rosin shared the importance of connections with listeners; prove to them that you are always present and will be there to let them know of important events, news or happenings; engage listeners and never forget  your listeners have F.O.M.O.    

2016/02 7:10 AM
Knight to KFDI/Wichita

Bobby Knight has been hired by KFDI, 101.3 today's KFDI/Wichita.  He will be doing afternoons and will be at the station tomorrow (2/10) with an on-air date to be determined.  

His radio career has includerd doing mornings and afternoons at Country stations in Savannah, Des Moines, Ft. Dodge, IA and Manhattan, KS.

"Bobby's personality is exuberant!  I know our lsiteners will wear a smile heading home each afternoon listening to KFDI," said OM Justin Case.  "I'm thrilled to welcome him to our family."

"I'm excited to join the team and such a community minded station like KFDI," said Knight.  "They do so many good things--I can't wait to get started.  I'm ready to see my first SHOCKER basketball game too, but I found out they're always sold out.  I should have made two tickets a part of my deal."


2016/02 7:03 AM
Team UMG Hits The Ryman

Once again CRS 2016 participants were treated to othe annual "Team UMG At the Ryman" luncheon today (2/9).  the lineup included Little Big Town, Canaan Smith, Kacey Musgraves, Darius Rucker, Jon Pardi, Charles Kelley, David Nail, Dierks Bentley, Kip Moore, Eric Paslay, Chris Stapleton, Lauren Alaina, Eric Church, Vince Gill, Luke Bryan and Keith Urban.

Little Big Town took the stage first and played a song they said was dedicated to the people in the room who has supported their career. The song "From The Beginning" expressed gratitude to those who have been them from teh beginning.  

Another highlight was Darius Rucker who sang an emotional rendition of "So I Sang." The crowd was so moved that they gave Rucker the first standing ovation of the day. Charles Kelley came out with Dierks Bentley and Eric Paslay to sing "The Driver" and David Nail shared the story behind his song "Fighter" that was dedicated to his wife who was home taking care of his twin babies.

Chris Stapleton debuted a new song "I Won't Love You Either Way" and brought the crowd again to their feet.  Always a Ryman favorite, Vince Gill received a standing ovation both when he took the stage and when he lift the stage.  He recalled that he made his first record 42 years ago and then sang a song dedicated to the late George Jones called "Sad One Comin' On."

Luke Bryan demonstrated his ability to tickle the ivories when he sat at the grand piano and sang "to The Moon and Back" saying that he had never had a chance to play piano at the Ryman.  Keith Urban followed Bryan with his current single "Break On Me," followed by jamming to "John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16" that he debuted at last year's Ryman luncheon.

2016/02 1:41 AM
Emotional Connection: Hot Topics From The Pros

During CRS week, Brian Wright one of the very successful longtime Program Director, Operations Manager, VP of programming and programing consultant, shares his thoughts about how you can get your listeners to become "Emotionally Attached to your product. ”

Wright joined the Audience Development Group 15 years ago and has successfully been consulting individual radio stations and clusters. Wright has enjoyed building alliances with scores of stations in the US & Canada helping them grow in ratings and revenue.

See Brian's thoughts here.

2016/02 8:10 AM
Travis Moon To Return to iHeartMedia /Austin/San Antonio

Travis Moon, former St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Raido Programmer Liason will return to radio.  He is going to work for iHeartMedia as Director of Country Operations for the Austin/San Antonio, TX region and oversee Coutnry stations KASE, KVET/Austin, KAJA and KRPT/San Antonio.

Moon, former KAJA/San Antonio PD left for St. Jude in 2014.  In Austin he replaces JT Bosch and in San Antonio he replaces Lance Tidwell.

"St. Jude is country music's charity of choice and one of my strongest passions.  I was honored that they asked me to join their talented radio team.  I contributed to their on-air product and helped them serve radio station partners across the country.  Everybody understands that it's our listeners, country fans, who keep that place going through thick and thin.  There really is no other place like St. Jude and I will always be involved," said Moon. "I want to thank iHeartMedia because I am so pumped at the huge opportunity ahead.  I am very excited to return to Texas and have an awesome challenge in programming some of hte ost storied Country stations in America!  I can't wait to work with the amazing teams at KASE and KVET in Austin and, once again, with my friends at KAJA in San Antonio.  Country radio will be having fun and making lots of noise from The Lonestar State!"

"Our goal is to leverage these powerful and legendary brands to better serve our listevers, our clients and the community," said EVP/Programming Central Tony Coles. "Travis has the vision, the experience and the leadership skills necessary to maximize the potential of these iHeart Country stations, while maintaining the strengths of their unique identities."

Get in touch with Moon here

2016/02 7:30 AM
Roger Price Named 2015 Radio Personality of the Year

Congrats to KICM/Ardmore, OK morning host Roger Price who was named 2015 Radio Personality of the Year (Non-Metro division) by the Oklahoma Assoc. of Broadcasters.  Price will be honored Friday, April 1at  the association's annual convention and awards ceremony at the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel in Tulsa.  Send congrats to /Blog/

Other Country honorees include KTFX/Muskogee for Sports, Weather and General Image promotion; KNID/Enid for Station Event Promotion and Community Service.  Also recognized for community service are KXXY/Oklahoma City and Cox Media Group/Tulsa which includes Country KWEN.


2016/02 7:13 AM
Ashley King Named APD/MD at KSSN/Little Rock

Ashley King has been named APD/PD  for KSSN/Little Rock.  She will also be doing middays.

"We are very excited to have Ashley join the team," said iHeart/Littel Rock SVP/Programming Chat Heritage.  "She is extremely talented and brings a ton of passion for the Country format.  Our listeners know and love her, and she's just one more reason KSSN 96 is Arkansas' most listened to radio station."

"I'm so excited to be a part of this great team at KSSN 96," said King.  Country music has always been a passion of mine and I feel like KSSN is a great fit for me...the listeners, the music, my home station, and a very talented, creative and positive team.  KSSN has all the ingredients necessary for a big, successful Country stations as it has always been, and I'm so glad that I'm a part of it."

2016/02 6:52 AM
Reviver Records Announces New Promo Team For 1608

David Ross, President and CEO of Reviver Records has named the new promo team that will be working the company's newest imprint, 1608, which is part of the expansion announced last week as part of Reviver Label Services.

Bob Reeves (upper left) will be the Vice President of Promo and will also cover the West Coast in terms of radio promotion.  Reeves comes to Reviver with a long line of success in the industry.   Reeves was with Warner Music Nashville for six years and also recently at Blaster Records.

Paul Williams (lower left) will serve as the Regional Director while heading up promotinal campaigns in the Northeast and Midwest.  Williams has enjoyed a long career in the industry with time spent at Sony and radio powerhouse KPLX in Dallas.

Tyler Waugh (upper right) will be Regional Director for the Southeast.  Waugh comes to Reviver from Soundstream Records and began his career at Arista Nashville where he worked for four years.

Glenn Noblit (lower right) will work in the Southwest as Regional Director.  Noblit's experience includes time as Warner Music Nashville and Lost Highway. He's been in the industry since the late 1990's.

"I'm excited that these four seasoned executives were available to help launch our newest imprint.  they all bring the energy, creativity and drive that we want to be a trademark of Reviver Label Services," says David Ross.  "I know that with the experience of our staff, the sky is the limit."

Webster Public Relations will handle the publicity for Reviver Label Services.

2016/02 6:20 AM
Luke Bryan Scores #1 Spot on Mediabase Again

Congrats to Capitol Nashville's Luke Bryan who lands again this week in the #1 position on the Mediabase Country singles chart for the second consecutive week with "Home Alone Tonight" featuring Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild.

Great work by the promo team including UMG Nashville SVP/Promo Royce Risser, VP/Promo David Friedman, Capitol Nashville SVP/promo Shane Allen, National Director/Radio Syndication Donna Hughes, Mgr/Radio Marketing and Syndication Chris Schuler, Sr. Director/Southeast Promo Bobby Young, Sr. Director/West Coast Prom Paige Elliott, Director/Southwest Promo Jeremy Guenther, Director Midwest Promo Brent Jones, Director/Northeast Promo Diane Lockner, Promo Coordinator Ashley and the entire Capitol staff.

2016/02 5:28 AM
Nashville Gears Up For CRS 2016

CRS begins today (2/8) at its new home, Omni Nashville and is in Nashville and will be reporting on all CRS happenings. 

CRS 2016 will provide many different educations and networking opportunities and the agenda is packed full of instructive discussions, intriguing panels and exciting performances from some of country music's biggest stars as well as some of hte most talked about emerging acts of 2015-16.  Several favorites from past yearss are back again including Grand Ole Opry at CRS, Bob Kingsley's Acoustic Alley, Team UMG at the Ryman luncheon and more.

Big Machine Label Group will host their first CRS-sanctioned luncheon.

Exciting new discussions and panels taking place at CRS 2016 are the "New Views From the Top" keynote discussion, CRS research presentation "What Content Makes Country Radio Matter," presented by Edison Research and "Programmers Boot Camp" series, sponsored by Benztown.  This year's seminar will also include an appearance from Tim McGraw and former US Army soldier and Dancing with the Stars contestant, Noah Galloway.

CRS also will have a number of after-hour destinations and sponsored events including The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum Reception and Gallery Tours, Mix Lounge, Nashville-Access Superpick Showcase, Reviver Records After Hours Party, SSM Nashville Beer Garden, Stallions Entertainment Showcase, Smith and Wesley Performance at Barlines, Thirty Tigers at The Stage, the SMG CRS Fest 2016 at Margaritaville (sponsored by Spin Doctors) and more.

Stay tuned!

2016/02 9:37 AM
Country Radio Seminar Announces After Hour Entertainment

Country Radio Seminar 2016 is next week and All About will be there!  Can't wait to see you there.

And, CRS has a number of entertainment options at this year's seminar, includling networking, on-site showcases, after-hours events and performances.

“I think people are going to be surprised at the number of entertainment possibilities we are offering at CRS 2016,” said CRS Executive Director, Bill Mayne. “We are continuing to raise the bar at Country Radio Seminar and, without question, we are providing a total 360 experience for all that attend this great event each and every year.”

Located at the Omni Hotel in downtown Nashville, restaurant and music venue Barlines willl be open throughout the seminar and will be an area where attendees can relax and netowrk, while enjoying award-winning southern comfort food and hand-crafted Tennessee brews.

The New Faces of Country Music show is scheduled for Wednesday, February 10 from 6:30 p.m.-10:00 p.m., will wrap up the three-day seminar with a packed evening of entertainment. Prior to the show the New Faces Cocktail Reception is sponsored by Big Spark Music Group and will offer beer and wine as well as feature a high energy performance by Olivia Lane.  The reception is scheduled for 5:30-6:15 p.m. on Wednesday.

The dinner and performance is sold out lbut those who do not have tickets are invited to attend the live feed viewing party of the artist performances in Barlines. Those performing include Brothers Osborne, Cam, Chris Janson, Kelsea Ballerini and Old Domnion.  

Following the New Faces Show, the grand lobby of the CRS Performance will turn into the official New Faces of Country Music After Party, sponsored by Warner Music Nashville. Guests will enjoy drinks as WMN introduces the Last Bandoleros.

CRS also welcomes a number of after-hour destinations nad sponsored events including Bob Kingsley's Acoustic Alley, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum Reception and Gallery Tour, the Mix Lounge, in2une/Momentum Label Group Showcase, Nashville-Access Superpick Showcase, Reviver Records After Hours Party, SSM Nashville Beer Garden, Stallions Entertainment Showcase, Smith & Wesley Performance at Barlines, Thirty Tigers at The Stage, the SMG CRS Fest 2016 at Margaritaville (sponsored by Spin Doctors) and more.

For a full list of already announced afterhour activities, download the CRS 2016 app through the app stores on iPhone and Android.  A full agenda is also available on


2016/02 9:03 AM
Kelsea Ballerina Gives Chicago WEBG Listeners A Big Surprise

Kelsea Ballerini surprised WEBG, Big 95.5/Chicago listeners with a Big surprise performance during WEBG's "Big Elevator Concert" series.

While visiting the station Ballerini took her place on a stool in the corner of the elevator at the station.  

According to WBEG PD Steve Stewart they invited listeners to our station for an intimate performance with Kelsea.  What the listeners got was way more than they expected! 

Check out the video here. 

2016/02 8:55 AM
Josh Brolin to Play George Jones

Josh Brolin recently revealed during an interview with Conan O'Brien that he will star as Country legend George Jones in a movie adaptation about Jones' life and career.  He also said the Jessica Chastain is going to take on the role of Jones' former wife and duet partner, Tammy Wynette.

No release date has been set for the film.  Oscar-nominated writer Alan Wenkus will write the screenplay.  Jones' widow, is involved in the production which currently is being called "No Show Jones."

2016/02 8:17 AM
Scotty McCreery Returns to American Idol

Scott McCreery returned to his roots earlier this week when he taped an episode of the Farewell Season of "American Idol."  For three days the Season Ten champion mentored two of the Top 24 ontestants and shared lessons learned from both his experience on teh show and in his ACM and CMT award-winning career.  He also performed duets with both singers.  The episolde will air next Thursday, February 11 at 9 p.m. ET on the Fox Television Network.

"I remember how important it was to me during my time on 'Idol' to meet and learn from all the great artists who visited the set and offered their advice," said .  "I was proud to be able to come back and offer whatever guidance I could to my two talented contestants.  This is their season and their show.  I was there to them shine...and I believe they both did!"

2016/02 8:16 AM
Kristian Bush Signs with BBR Music Group

Kristian Bush has signed a publishing, production and label deal with the BBR Music Group.  He joins the songwriters at Magic Mustang Music and label deal with Wheelhouse Records.  The reunites him with VP/Promo Teddi Bonadies who worked with him on his debut album "Southern Gravity" at Streamsound.

"As both a recording artist and a songwriter, I am honored to be a part of the BBR Music Group/Magic Mustang family," said Bush. "I'm in love with making music, and I'm humbled every day that I get to do this job. My train runs on believers, and I found some incredible supporters in this building. There's no telling what can happen when like-minded people get together, so to be surrounded by this team and given this opportunity makes me feel like a rocket sitting on a launchpad. I can't wait to take off."

Bush is in the studio working on the follow-up to "Southern Gravity." That was his first solo effort after his time with Sugarland.

2016/02 8:01 AM
​Smith & Wesley: Live at CRS!

Smith & Wesley will hit the stage this Tuesday night (2/9) at 8:00, performing live from Barlines inside in the Omni Hotel. You'll experience the twin guitars and soaring sibling harmonies from brothers Scott & Todd as they perform their chart debut "Need Somebody Bad" as well as their new single, "Sweet Life."
They’ll also be giving away copies of their album, Choices & Chances


2016/02 2:29 AM
Turnbeaugh SVP Programming iHeartMedia/Las Vegas

KWNR/Las Vegas PD JoJo Turnbeaugh has been named SVP/Programming for the four-station cluster.  He will continue to program WNR and also handle afternoons on-air.

"JoJo's energy, depth of knowledge in multiple formats and intense desire to win will continue to drive revenue and ratings for our Las Vegas clutser," says Regional President Glynn Alan.

Turnbeaugh has been with the Vegas cluster since 2012.  His career has taken him to KYGO/Denver and KCCY/Colorado Springs.

"I am humbled that Glynn Alan  and Steve Geofferies have put their trust in me to lead the great team here in Las Vegas," said Turnbeaugh. "The staff and properties here are poised for great success and I am proud to be a part of it."

Congratulate him here. 

2016/02 12:00 PM
Triple Play Awards Awarded

The Country Music Association presented the CMA Triple Play Awards at the Seventh Annual CMA Songwriters Luncheon yesterday (2/3).  Those honored have written three chart-topping hits in a 12-month period.

Awards were given to Rhett Akins, Ross Copperman, Zach Crowell, Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley, Tyler Hubbard, Sam Hunt, Brett James, Jaren Johnston, Brian Kelley, Luke Laird, Hillary Lindsley, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne, Matthew Ramsey, Trevor Rosen and Brad Tursi.

We are very pleased to recognize these talented songwriters and songwriting artists for this impressive accomplishment and significant contribution to Country music," said CMA CEO Sarah Trahern. "Their craft evokes emotion and we are grateful they've chosen the Country format to share their rare talents with the world." 

For more information on the Triple Play Awards, visit the CMA website here.


2016/02 11:51 AM
Wilde Creates COP

KWOF/Denver PD Jonathan Wilde (left) has created a new Country/Pop hybrid radio format.

"With so many listeners it's not about what format they prefer, but more about the songs they like," Wilde explains. "Those songs come from multiple genres and build the playlists of millions of listeners. With musical textures sounding more and more alike, this concept finally blends the two together." COP is 60-70% Hot AC and 30-40% modern Country.  Core artists inlucd Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, Florida Georgia Line, Pink, Kenny Chesney, Kelly Clarkson, Keith Urban, One Republic, Carrie Underwood and Adele.

Listen here .

2016/02 9:21 AM
Dierks Bentley: Every Mile A Memory To Open At Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Dierks Bentley will be featured in a new exhibit at Country Radio Hall of Fame and Museum beginning Friday, March 4.  The exhibit will run through Tuesday, September 6.  

The launch of the exhibit will feature a special appearance by Bentley on Saturday, March 12 in the Museum's CMA Theater.  Bentley will talk about his career and perform acoustically beginning at 2 p.m. (CT). The program is free to members nad included in Museum admission.

"It's crazy to be considered for something like this," said Bentley. "The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is home to the most revered and influential Country artists of all time. Just being in the building as a visitor is humbling, but to actually be featured in one of the Museum's exhibits is something I never would have believed if you'd suggested it back when I started chasing this dream down on Broadway. I'm going to have to go down there to see it for myself to really make it sink in."


2016/02 8:31 AM
Greater Media Promotes Buzz Knight To SVP/Program Development

Greater Media has promoted Buzz to SVP/Program Development.  In this new role he will oversee program development for all Greater Media's radio properties and collabroate with the stations to build winning content, digital and brand management strategies.

Buzz has done an outstanding job overseeing our programming brands across the company over the past 14 years,” said Greater Media Chairman/CEO Peter H. Smyth. “His insight and leadership plays an important role in the continued success of our company.”

"It's amazing to wake up every day to meet the challenges and opportunities of our business working for such a crown jewel of a company as Greater Media," said Knight.  "I'm grateful to Peter Smyth and the Bordes family for their continued support."

2016/02 8:02 AM
Merle Haggard Cancels Concerts

Merle Haggard has cancelled all concert dates through February while he continues to fight pneumonia.  He has been battling this since December.  Last week he cancelled all performances set for the weekend.  

Now a spokesperson from his camp says it may be a much longer break saying, "Merle is hopeful he will be back on the road later in this Spring.  Fans can go to his website for updates. 

2016/02 7:07 AM
Arista Nashville Makes A Video For Cam Adds

Although CRS is just around the corner, the Arista/Nashville promo team has started a bit of the fun early by producing their own video to coincide with February 15, the day they will go for adds on Cam's new single "Mayday."

The creative (and quite talented) team have come up with their own "Add Day" sung to the tune of "Mayday" with their own original lyrics.

The project stars Arista Nashville VP/Promo Lesly Simon, Directo/National Promo Andy Elliott, Director/Southeast Promo Ali O'Connell, Director NE Promotion Abi Fishbone, Director/West Coast Promo Lauren Thomas, Mgr., Regional Promo Luke Jensen and Promo Coordinator Olivia Laster.  The spotlight shines bright on the amazing vocals done by Director/South and Southwest promo Rusty Sherrill.  

Check it out here

2016/02 12:11 PM
WSM-AM Nashville Shuffles Lineup

GAC TV's Nan Kelley will join with Devon O'Day, former producer of "Gerry House and the House Foundation" for afternoons on WSM-A/Nashville.  They will begin Tuesday, March 1 and will host a local lifestyle program, succeeding Mike Terry who goes to middays taking over for Frank Seres.  

Seres and WSM-A PD Dean Warfield will be working on off-air projects in teh future.  In other WSM news, Richard Thomas is returning to the station for traffic duties.  Thomas retired in 2010 after 35 years with WSM-A.

2016/02 9:19 AM
Sumner Redstone Resigns As Chairman of CBS

Sumner Redstone has resigned as Chairman of CBS Corporation and will serve as chairman Emeritus, with President/CEO Leslie Mooves morning up to Chairman.  Redstone's daughter Shari remains Vice Chair of CBS.  The move comes as Redstone's competency and the CEO Philppe Dauman's role in handling Redstone's affairs is being challenged in a lawsuit by his ex-girlfriend Manuela Herzer.  

“I am honored to accept the chairmanship of this great Company,” said Moonves. “I want to thank Sumner for his guidance and strong support over all these years. It has meant the world to me. I am particularly grateful that Shari Redstone has agreed to continue in her role as Vice Chair of the Company. Her business acumen and knowledge of the media space remain very important to me as we move forward, and I greatly appreciate her support and invaluable counsel. I would also like to thank our excellent board of directors, who have contributed so significantly to our success. The people of CBS have achieved much together and I believe the best is yet to come.”

“I have been fortunate to work with Les and he has clearly established himself as a creative and effective leader who understands both the challenges and the opportunities that are shaping today’s media landscape,” said Shari Redstone. “I am sure he will make a great Chair and I look forward to working with him for many years to come.”


2016/02 7:57 AM
Big Machine Announces Their Line Up For CRS 2016

Big Machine Label Group has announced their line up for CRS 2016.  Performing on Wednesday, February 10 will be Jennifer Nettles, Justin Moore, Drake White, Tara Thompson and Tucker Beathard who will entertian CRS attendees at the Omni Nashville at the CRS Performance Hall at noon.

“Country Radio Seminar brings such an energy to the radio and music communities—unlike any other industry convention, and each year, Big Machine Label Group aims to deliver the best experience for those in attendance,” says BMLG SVP Partnership Marketing & Promotion Strategy and CRS Board Member John Zarling. “This year, our first at the Omni, will be a special one, and for this reason we wanted to be at the heart of it all. With Jennifer, Justin, Tara, Drake and Tucker, this hour of music will spotlight some of the most compelling music coming out of the label group this year.”

This is Big Machine's first CRS-sanctioned luncheon event.  It comes after a very successful 2015 and a 10-year anniversary.

To register for Country Radio Seminar that will be held Monday, February 8-Wednesday, February 10 at the Omni Nashville visit

2016/02 7:56 AM
WQNU Listeners Hoping To Run Out Of Gas

WQNU, Q 103.1/Louisville, KY's listeners spent Saturday, January 30 hoping to run out of gas.  The station held their "WQNU Q 103.1 #QFest2015 Bill Collins Ford F-150 Give-Away" began back in October and culminated at the car lot with one lucky listener winning a new truck.

Listeners would text to win a chance to participate in the event and those chosen took a turn driving the F-150 around a course until it literally ran out of gas.  The driver at the time would win a new truck.

Wynema Barton, mother of two small children who drove to the contest site in a van without a working heater, won the new truck.

Shane Collins, OM/afternoon host was in the cab of the truck with Barton when she screamed "We're outta gas!" He reported that the event "was a blast."


2016/02 7:48 AM
Tim Earns Most Adds

Kudos to the promo team at Big Machine Records and Tim McGraw for earning 65 Mediabase adds this week with McGraw's latest single "Humble and Kind."

The promo team that got the job done includes VP/Promo Jack Purcell, Director/National Promo Erik Powell, Director/Southeast Regional Promo and Marketing Jeff Davis, Director Southwest/Centrall Regional Promo and Marketing, Alex Valentine, Director/West Coast Regional Promo and Marketing Brooke Diaz and Promo Coordinator Justin Newell.


2016/02 7:47 AM
John Boyle New OM/PD For WRKN/Nash FM 92.3

John Boyle has been named OM/PD for Country WRKN, Nash FM 92.3 and Alternative WZRH, 106.1 The Underground/New Orleans.  He came from Rock WSJZ/Melbourne as PD.

According VP/Market Manager Pat Galloway, "We at Cumulus/New Orleans are very excited to have John Boyle join us as Program Director of 106.1 The Underground and Nash FM 92.3.  John's experience and leadership qualities will take these stations to new levels of performance.  We are very happy to keep John in the Cumulus family."

Boyle said, "It's a tremendous honor and great privilege to join the talented New Orleans Cumulus crew.  Many thanks to Mike McVay, Troy Hanson, Charlie Cook and Pat Galloway .  Even in my wildest dreams, and there have been some doozies, I never thought I'd the the opportunity to work in the Crescent City."

2016/02 7:41 AM
New Contact Info For B-Dub

As was reported here, Bryan "B-Dub" Washington has taken the position of APD/MD/afternoon personality at KMLE/Phoenix.  He is on the job now and his new contact info is phone 602-452-1090 and email here.

2016/02 7:39 AM
Edison Research To Present Study "Ear Wars" At CRS 2016

Larry Rosin and Megan Lazovick of Edison Research will present their findings of the extensive research study "Ear Wars," during a Tuesday, February 9 session at Country Radio Seminar.  The session will kick off at 10 a.m. (CT) at the Nashville Omni Hotel.

Researchers surveyed more than 1,500 listeners and conducted on-on-one interviews of listeners and broadcasters at legendary Country stations WXTU/Philadelphia, WIVK/Knoxville and WTHI/Terre Huate to answer the questions "why radio" and "what matters?"

"This presentation will walk programmers through every element of their programming day with an eye toward instilling 'Fear Of Missing Out' into everything they do, from music to air talent content to other engagement, community involvement, and even your marketing," said Edison President Larry Rosin. "Without a doubt, our 2016 presentation will be the one most loaded with things that broadcasters can take back to their market. Programmers should make sure they don't miss out as well."


2016/02 7:31 AM
Garth Adds Louisville To World Tour

Garth Brooks has added a stop in Louisville KY to his "World Tour."  Garth and tour mate/wife Trisha Yearwood will play the KFC Yum! Center on Saturday, April 9 at 7 p.m. (ET).  Tickets go on sale February 12 at 10 a.m. (ET) via Ticketmaster or 1-866-448-7849 or 1-800-745-3000.

2016/02 7:28 AM
Cumulus Radio to Utilize Futuri Media's Technology

Cumulus Radio will be using Futuri Media's four major platforms.  Futuri will provide Listener Driven Radio (LDR1), Takeover, Topicpulse social medai monitoring and Topline sales research across 27 of Cumulus' largest markets.  Other markets will then follow.  Futuri Media's LKR1 and Takover will give listeners the power to vote and control live radio programming or let them know when their favorite songs are about the play; The Topicpllus gives re-time social media meausrements for newsrooms and content producers and teh Topline system which is a research app for sales teams.

SVP/Content & Programming Mike McVay said, “We’ve always respected the value Futuri can bring to broadcasters, and have watched the company continuously innovate and improve its services. Futuri has proved to us that they can customize their capabilities to our individual stations’ ratings and revenue objectives. We’re a particularly big believer in Futuri's Topicpulse social media tool, which will help us maximize our audience engagement potential in our largest and most competitive markets.”

“We are honored and excited to have the opportunity to work with the leadership team at Cumulus Radio,” said Futuri Media CEO Daniel Anstandig. “Cumulus owns numerous stations that are truly heritage brands in their communities, and we look forward to working with them to deploy new and meaningful ways to 


2016/02 7:28 AM
Shortridge New A&R Rep for Disney

Ciara Shortridge, Coordinator/A&R for Disney Music Group has been promoted to the newly created position of A&R Representative.  In this position she will be overseeing creative affairs for the writer's roster and new acquisisition in the recording and publishing divisions of the company.

She joined Disney in 2009 after graduating from Belmont University.  She can be reached here.

2016/02 7:24 AM
Scotty McCreery Leaves Mercury Nashville/Enterscope

Scotty McCreery has left Mercury Nashville/Interscope.  The "American Idol" winner signed with the label in 2011.  

"I enjoyed being on Mercury Nashville/Interscope, and I appreciate all the great people who worked hard on my behalf while I was there," said McCreery, who sold more than 2.5 million albums while with the label.  "I am excited about what the future holds and the opportunties being presented to me."

2016/02 7:06 AM
New Chart Introduced By CDX

A new chart was introduced today with Monitored radio airplay.  TRACtion measures record's airplay in markets of all sizes.   It was developed by CDX and VP/GM Joe Kelly.

The system "fingerprints" your music and then listens online to streams from hundreds of country radio stations. It will tell you when the song was played, how many times it was played and all the information one may need to book gigs, plan station visits or build a fan base.

The information will be available to labels, promoters, managers, artists and booking executives. Take a look at the chart here


2016/02 6:37 AM
Blake's Big With the Kids

Blake Shelton has been nominated for Favorite Male Singer and The Voice has been nominated for Favorite Talent competition show for the 2016 Kids' Choice Awards.  The show will be hosted by Shelton and air on Nickelodeon March 12 at 8 pm. ET. 

Voting is now open here.

2016/02 7:52 AM
Dustin Lynch Ink Publishing Deal with BBR's Magic Mustang Music

Dustin Lynch has done a deal with BBR Music Group's Magic Mustang Music.  Magic Mustang Music will act as a co-venture with Warner/Chappell Music.  

"Dustin has been a part of the BBR Music Group family for years, and it has been a joy to watch him morph into a commanding writer as his star power continues to soar," said Magic Mustang VP/Publishing Juli Newton-Griffith.   "We are extremely excited to finally have him as a part of Magic Mustang.  Warner/Chappell is the perfect partner to co-publish this superstar."

2016/02 7:23 AM
Mark Janese New Southwest Regional at Columbia

Mark Janese is the new Manager/Southwest Regional at Columbia/Nashville. He was previously Curb Southwest regional and had been with Curb for a year and a half.  He takes the place of Brooke Meris who joined Trip 8 Management. 

This is a return to the label for Janese who spent 20 years with various Sony imprints after leaving Columbia in 2012.  

He's also worked for Radiowave, Broken Bow and Femous Hillbillies Entertainment. Get in touch with him here.


2016/02 6:30 AM
Mac Daniels Heading To Dallas

KSJO, Nash FM/San Francisco-San Jose PD Mac Daniels is heading to KPLX and KSCS/Dallas.  He'll fill the seat previously held by JR Schumann who left in December to join Sirius XM and Sr. Director of Country Programming.

"The KSCS/KPLX job called for someone with an impressive major market track record in Country, and Mac's accomplishments and experience are just what we need," said Cumulus Media/Dallas VP/Market Manager Dan Bennett. "His experience programming two competitive Country stations in the same market owned by the same company fits perfectly with our situation in Dallas." 

This is a return to the market and KPLX for Daniels who worked there as MD/air personality in the 80s and 90s.  

Daniels has been at KSJO since 2014 soon after the station flipped to Country.

His impressive programming resume includes time at KSKS/Fresno, WYCD/Detroit, WMZQ/Washington DC and KASE and KVET/Austin.

"I am very excited for this opportunity to shepherd two of the nation’s leading Country music brands to greater success," remarked Daniels. "The team assembled in DFW is poised for success in every platform. I am humbled that Dan Bennett, Mike McVay and Charlie Cook have placed their confidence in me for this role at two of the stations that are key to the success of Cumulus. I couldn’t be happier to be returning to Texas and to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Those who know me are well aware of my undying passion for this market and these specific radio stations. There are no words great enough to express the feeling of excitement I have at this moment."      

2016/02 6:27 AM
Keith Stegall Launches Dreamlined Entertainment Group

Keith Stegall has Launched Dreamlined Entertainment Group with Miller Investment Manager's Scott Miller.  Dreamlined is a Nashville-based production, management, and publishing firm.  Stegall will serve as teh President with specialization in songwriter and artist development and publishing.  Jason Campbell will serve as GM and Robert Cahill as Director of Marketing and Promotion.

Dreamlined is located at 2820 Erica Place, Nashville, TN 37204 and can be reached at 615-292-7440.  

2016/02 5:57 AM
David Ross Launches Reviver Label Services

President and CEO of Reviver Records LLC, David Ross announces the formation of a new wing of the company--Reviver Label Services (RLS).

“The music business is an ever-changing model,” Ross said in a statement. “The rules are as constantly changing as the avenues of getting music to radio and the public. With Reviver Label Services, we are confident that we have developed a solid game plan to take the music an artist makes, and get it heard by the masses.”

The initival roster of Reviver Records include Billyjack Billy and LoCash.

Artists who partner with Reviver Label Servies will have access to services  including Radio Promotions, publicity, marketing and distribution.  Reviver will utilize each piece of the music buisness puzzle to put the artists (who will also have the freedome to hire their own additional team members in addition to RLS) in front of as many people as possible.

For more information go to or get in touch with Ross at /Blog/,,,, /Images/AACNew/banners/SH_AAC_BottomBanner.jpg, /Images/AACNew/banners/bpban728new.jpg