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Brian Wright

Wright is a 30-year radio programming veteran. He’s successfully served many companies over the years as PD, OM and VP of programming.

16 years ago, Wright joined Audience Development Group and has enjoyed building alliances with scores of stations in the US & Canada helping them grow in ratings and revenue.

Election Coverage 2016

With the Presidential elections just a few months away it is important for you to firm up your plan for election night and morning after coverage. No matter how involved your coverage is going to be you need a solid plan. We also need to view this information as having a high level of interest with your audience, transcending its categorical boundaries. The more polarized the candidates are the higher the level of interest.  Do not view this information as a tune-out, like your competitors will do.
The needs of your audience change during unusual circumstances. This is one of those times. No matter if it’s a 30 second update on your music station or a 30-minute update on your news-talk station, do it very well.  Adjust your programming to accommodate the listener’s demand for details on a frequent basis.
This has been a the most emotionally charged election season in history which will be carried right over to your station. You need to be THE mobile connection point for your listeners. 

Here are some recommendations for you.


  1. Start promoting your election coverage November 1st. Do it at least once per hour.
  2. Drive home the exact times you will be having updates. You could say, “It’s the 101 WADG Election Coverage Guarantee, where you get instant updates at the top and bottom of every hour and break-in bulletins as they happen! 
  3. Make sure you develop a name for this coverage like, “101 WADG Your Election Source For The Work-Force.” Or “The 101 WADG Election Connection.” Make sure it is used in every report and every promo.
  4. Don’t be afraid to use accentuation-audio in these reports. Remember…Just as TV has video, radio has audio and don’t be afraid to use it. Your audience expects it. It would also be good to run convention-room noise behind your reports as well to generate and exciting atmosphere.
  5. Make sure you use one standard bumper bed that becomes your signature theme for the night and next morning. Use this bumper music in your record promos as well. Use this bumper going into and out of each report, including bulletin alerts.
  6. Make sure all of the people you have reporting your information are well versed in what they are talking about. You simply can’t afford to lose credibility at this time.
  7. Keep it simple. Don’t worry about official terminology. Be conversational and convey the emotion of the event.
  8. Try to capture “man on the street” audio as well to get the “feel” as to what the average person is thinking.
  9. Make sure your webpage contains prominent coverage. Do not conclude your coverage until the race is won.
You can reach Brian Wright at:
100 Grandville SW Suite 203 
Grand Rapids, MI. 49503 
Office 616-940-8309 | Cell 616-498-2651 
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