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A Bit About Joel Raab
Joel Raab currently consults Country stations in 11 of the Top 25 radio markets, for companies including CBS, Entercom, Greater Media and Beasley. He also advises many stations and companies in medium and small markets for Apex, Connoisseur, Forever Broadcasting, Keymarket, Mapleton, Digity, Saga, Journal and others. Prior to consulting, Joel programmed and served as an on-air personality in New York, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. A graduate of Northwestern University, Joel was born in the Pittsburgh area and currently lives outside of Philadelphia. 
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Show Prep 101: Ten Tips You Can Use Tomorrow Morning
Before the Show Starts:  Ask yourself, “What are people talking about today – in my market?”  This could be something happening locally or nationally.  Be sure to incorporate it into your show.   
Know your target.  For most Country stations, the “super” target is a 25-44 year old female.  If what you’re doing isn’t appealing to her, then it doesn’t go on the air.
Character and Role Definition:  Go through the exercise of understanding the character each member of the cast plays on the show.  What is his/her role?  Stick to it.  Reinforce character and role definitions every time you crack the mic.
Make Sure That Target Listener Cares:  Will she tell her friends about what you’re talking about? Does she care?  She must care or you are wasting her time.
Why You May Not Need A Newscast: The best morning shows don’t need a newscast because they’re so good at reflecting what’s going on. 
Plan Every Break Before You Go On The Air:  Have a roadmap.  Ideally, plan each show the day before.  Work out production elements ahead of time.  Successful morning shows are working on their shows until early afternoon the previous day.   That said, everything can change overnight, but in order to change your plan, you have to HAVE a plan. 
Fewer Facts, More Opinions:  Your listeners already know much of what you’re telling them about many topics.  What they’re tuning in for is your take on that information.  Listeners want to be entertained through the filter of your personality.  That’s why I always suggest that you give fewer facts, and give more of yourself to the topic.   
Benchmarks Work:  Some shows can have more than others, but a solid benchmark daily feature or two helps to make shows “sticky”.
Must-Listen Moments:  Does your show have them?  If not, go back to the drawing board.    I should feel like if I missed your show, I missed a lot. 
Don’t Waste Listeners’ Time:  Time is our most precious commodity.  When listeners give it to you, make sure your content is worthwhile.  Give listeners something new every day and you’ll win! 




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