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Listener's Needs
There has always been a good amount of discussion on emotionally connecting with your target audience. A good chunk of time has been invested by radio to determine what their target audience is and now the next logical step in this process should be to actually put together a training plan for personalities on how connect with these people, putting this knowledge into practical application. From market to market it is painfully obvious that not a lot of this is going on? 
Recently I was traveling where there were strong winter storms that had moved slowly through the area causing traffic problems and power outages throughout the night. As I drove the next morning, listening to the various morning shows, I was surprised to here of no meaningful discussion about the storm? Then something very odd happened. I started to see gas stations, car dealerships, bus stations, buildings, etc. with no power. It appeared that a big chunk of the city was without power! I stopped in one convenient store that was using generator power and found out that the power would be out for the next several hours because of a blown transformer! I heard none of this on any of the morning shows. The topics that I heard that morning that were evidently far more important were:

a.A prank call to a person’s home informing him that his car was stolen.
b.Who was born on this date in history.
c.A joke or two about the President’s recent tweet.
d.Being told that it was a “good lookin’ Thursday.”
e.Some station told me it was Wednesday.
f.You can choke on a pork sandwich at a ball game.
g.How hard they partied the night before.

Something is very wrong with this picture. Many radio personalities are so stuck in their routine that they forget that the needs of their audience shifts when their circumstances change. When thousands of people are going to work to un-powered buildings they need to hear about it from their radio station, no matter what the format. We have to look at customer service as a priority, not as something that gets in the way of our “bits.” Many radio stations can do a better job with their customer service, from the front-desk to the front-office, from the control-room to the restroom. If we are not talking to people about things that are important and interesting and just trying to be funny than we are missing a huge opportunity to really connect on a consistent basis.,,