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A Bit About Loyd Ford

Loyd Ford, Americalist Direct Marketing
Rainmaker Pathway Consulting

Loyd Ford is a direct marketing, ratings, social media and digital revenue strategist who works with broadcasters, entertainment brands and media companies to create and build strong ratings and asset value. Loyd programmed very successful radio brands in markets of all sizes across the United States for many years. Loyd has also been involved with the creation and launch of local entertainment-based television shows in multiple U.S. TV markets, consulted on the development of an Apple app for the concert and entertainment industry and has a keen interest in digital and non-traditional revenue for radio.

Loyd believes radio should work on powerful local digital and social media connectivity for the purpose of serving businesses and listeners (consumers) and generating recurring additional revenue streams. While working for Americalist Direct Marketing, he has been on the leading edge in creating high-impact ratings gains for unique broadcast brands and Loyd has begun to work with local radio clusters to source affordable and appropriate software, strategy and best practices to develop significant local-direct recurring digital revenue as a partner with Rainmaker Pathway Consulting Works.

Loyd has worked with clients in all radio formats as well as working for television brands to increase ratings since 2003. Loyd has written for several major trade publications tied to the media business in the U.S. and enjoys working with clients on the human aspect of using social media, direct marketing and all forms of contact-based marketing to influence actual behavior. 

All About Country recently sat down with Loyd to talk a bit about how best to navigate and play the social media game. 

Being Video is The Best Thin YOu can Do to Get In The Social Media Game  

     I confess I used to preach “use a photo” when you post in social media.  All the time.  I still see posts from some radio stations with no visual what-so-ever.  You can tell I need to do more preaching, right?  However, we have reached a point where I have to shift my message.

Use video.
                That’s right.  Video is the number 1 way you can create compelling local radio content for listeners to view and share.  Let’s take a closer look and be specific.
                You have a job that is different than most of your listeners.  Yes, that’s still very true.  They don’t always know you’re voice tracking two or three stations (or even what that means).  They believe in you and you have value and responsibility to uphold the level of fun image they have come to believe about radio personality.  If you are in country, your listeners are wild about anything connected to the true stars in your format.  You could do a wide variety of video features that focus on things they absolutely love and make yourself look like a rock star in the process (as long as you don’t make YOU the star of the videos all the time).
1.Concert related videos.  Go backstage?  Take your smartphone.  Make some moments to share.  Not going backstage?  So what?  Take your smartphone with you and go out front and “mingle” with listeners asking them about their experiences with the artists they came to see and what they are looking forward to tonight?  There are a million variables, but the point is this:  Expose listeners to the fun of being in radio and give them a sample of it.  Be you with them and on video.  Make it about their experience.

2.Take them to the prize closet or on an adventure inside the radio station.  Show them how it works.  Make it a fun trip inside the radio.

3.Show them parts of a music meeting, let them meet a “record rep” and have a close encounter with Nashville if you are a reporter.  You don’t think someone listening to your morning or afternoon show or midday show would love that? Of course, they would.  They would skip a few minutes of work to see it and then flip on the station and listen to you all day, winner!
I say it all the time.  If you don’t have a content plan for your social media by percentage, get one.  Seriously.  Make it visual and video.
Make your social media fun, twist it toward the products you own and continue to build your tribe as a personality and as part of the brands you work for today in your market.  It will pay off.
That’s the truth.  Have fun.  Listeners expect it.  You’ve got them.  Now, go build in social media and bring it home with your show!  This is radio, man (or woman)!

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