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Jeffrey Hedquist
Founder and President of Hedquist Productions has combine his careers as a writer, poet, standup comic, singer/songwriter, public speaker, voice actor and organic farmer into one all-encompassing profession.
His voice has been heard on national commercials for Goodyear, Ford, American Heart Association, Sunbeam, Time-Life, HBO, Dutch Boy Paint, Cingular and Delta Airlines as well as the Chicken Soup for the Soul audiobooks.

Hedquist’s presented hundreds of seminars to advertising clubs and broadcast groups worldwide as well as to the national conventions of the RAB, AAF, RAC and NAB on how to create outstanding radio. 

He's a featured columnist for AllAboutCountryRadio InkRadio & RecordsRadio And ProductionRadio World, and Small Market Radio Newslette.

And now, for broadcasters, production people and advertising creatives he's creating cool stuff like audio programs, workbooks, seminars, teleconferences and his free newsletter "Radio Hed Lines."

How to Create Commercials Using Lists
1. Lists are a great way to break writer’s block.
2. Lists are a unique way to tell a story.
3. Lists are a proven way to market to your prospects.
Lists have been the basis for best-selling books:
7 Habits of Highly Effective People
22 Immutable Laws of Marketing
50 Shades of Grey
Twelve Days of Christmas
99 Ways To Die
Fifty Ways to leave Your Lover
Endless direct marketing pieces:
Do You Recognize the 7 Early Warning Signs of High Blood Pressure?
10 Ways to Beat the High Cost of Living
5 Mistakes Almost Every Investor Makes
Want a different approach for your client’s radio campaign? Make a list. It will leave space in the story for your listener to co-create, to fill in the details, to participate.
There are many ways to use lists. Here are a few:
Informational: All the information Is available online.
Car dealer:
Want to make your car last longer?
1. Change your air filter and oil filter regularly.
2. Check your coolant
3. Tire pressure
6 Ways To Impress Your Fiancé’s Parents
1. Research their occupations, hobbies, interests, etc.
2. Dress to impress.
3. Firm handshake
6. Pick up the check
5 Easy Ways To Extricate Yourself From The Doghouse:
1. Apologize
2. Tell her how you feel about her
3. Apologize
4. Visit Gabe’s Florist for an “I’ve Been A Jerk” bouquet.
5. Apologize
As you create your lists, don’t make all of the items self-serving. They should be easy, useful, free or low-cost. Maybe just a few suggest visiting or buying from the advertiser.
Top Ten Lists:
Cue drum roll and follow David Letterman’s lead. Make it a humorous list. Possibly end with #1. Two words – Advertiser Name. This kind of list should be changed up often.
Lists from common experiences:
The book of home plumbing:
Chapter 1: Your bathroom sink is clogged.
Chapter 2: You try plunging, using coat hanger as a snake.
Chapter 3: You crawl under sink with wrench and apart sink trap.
Chapter 4: Sink unplugged. Dirty water everywhere.
Chapter 5: Reattaching trap, drain pipe breaks.
Chapter 6: Attempting to replace pipe, you skin knuckles and bruise arm.
Chapter 7: Holding box of Band-Aids in one hand, you call John Robinson Plumber with the other.
Chapter 8: John arrives and fixes sink in 10 minutes
Chapter 9: Breathe sigh of relief. Put ice on arm.
Is it worth it?
48 additional months driving a pre-owned car.
497 meals cooked at home instead of eaten at restaurants.
416 Vente lattes – skipped.
Your reward - the beginning of your youngest daughter’s college tuition.
Savings – it’s the little things that add up. Libertyville Savings Bank – we show you how.
Jeffrey Hedquist is creating a course on 12 proven methods to break writers’ block, win clients’ hearts and make your life easier. Email /pdqa for an advance look at this resource.
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