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Gary Begin
The founder and president of Sound Advantage Media, possesses over thirty years of radio programming experience. Begin’s programming and on-air experiences have included diverse markets such as Tampa and Sarasota, FL, Providence, RI, Saginaw, MI, Hagerstown, MD, Columbus, GA, Portland and Waterville, ME.  
In addition to Sound Advantage Media, Begin also owns Gary Begin Voice Talent, providing voice talent services for clients all across the United States. 
Sound Advantage Media provides full-service programming, marketing/branding, promotions, research and operational guidance to radio stations throughout the United States and around the world. We have professional consulting expertise in all adult radio formats. /pdqa / 731.437.0536

Programming Strategies that make a ratings difference in 2017

One of the most exciting parts of my job is travelling the country conducting and being part of research studies. Today I’ll share tips that come up most often in market after market that if implemented, will lead to stronger ratings for you.

Identifying music is a major benefit to female listeners. When you bring up back selling of music most agree that it is very important and their favorite station does not always do it. We (radio people) think they know all the songs. They (listeners) disagree. They wonder why their favorite station does not do a better job of telling them the songs played. Putting this info on your website is a step in the right direction, but not what they really want, which is to hear it on the air. This especially applies to newer and re-current songs.

"Good Chemistry" the top attribute in AM Drive.
When asked why they liked their favorite morning show the word "chemistry" came up time after time. The relationship of the players and how they get along on the air is key critical. Important issues in the morning are "fun" shows (not to be confused with funny) as well as shows they are "used to and comfortable with".
Benchmarks are out. Commenting on the day's "news and events" is in. Most listeners agree that they want their morning show to discuss what is happening at that moment. It's sure a lot more important than "Dumb criminal news".

Music is still important in the morning.
As usual, listeners want it all. They want a show with fun people having a good time, but they also want a lot of music. Please do not overlook the power and importance of music in the morning. Don't overlook the power of information. Weather, traffic and news updates are very important in most markets. In many cases more important than useless banter. Keep it live, but watch the talk. They like DJ's but not talky ones. Keep the talk breaks crisp, short & to the point.

Morning and night personalities are the best known
. In most groups, listeners were very unsure of the midday and afternoon personalities. For stations that have their own love songs host, there is usually good familiarity.

P1 Women like to play contests.
The prize is not always as important as the chance to win. Prizes such as theatre tickets, weekend getaways, dinners at restaurants and tickets to shows (concerts) are all good. "Entertaining contests" seem more important to many of these listeners versus the actual prize itself.

Stopping fewer times, each hour is preferred.
Most listeners like the 2-stop clocks, but are aware that they will "pay for it" (their words) in the end. They do however feel it is better to stop less often even if it means more spots. The one common comment heard in market after market is they feel all stations play too many commercials.
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