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A Bit About Jeffrey Hedquist

Jeffrey Hedquist, President/Creative Director, Hedquist Productions, Inc.
Jeffrey Hedquist is known as "Advertising's Storyteller." He's a commercial creator who’s won more than 700 advertising awards for clients in 45 states.
Hedquist has given hundreds of seminars to broadcast groups and advertising clubs worldwide as well as to the national conventions of the RAB, AAF, RMB, The Conclave, Retail Advertising Conference and NAB. He is an in- demand consultant for broadcasters, advertising agencies and clients worldwide improving results by improving the effectiveness of commercials. He will be speaking at the 2015 CRS on Friday, February 27 at 10:50 a.m.  He will be talking about imaging from both sides of the mic and how to best engage your audience and differentiate your station from the competition.
His voice is heard nationally on Radio & TV for Goodyear, Ford, American Heart Association, Sunbeam, Delta Airlines, Time-Life, Dutch Boy Paint, AFLAC, Target, NAPA and Boston Market as well as for hundreds of regional clients.  He's also a producer of audio books (including 27 versions of Chicken Soup for the Soul) and original music for film, TV, radio, animation, and multi-image soundtracks from Hedquist Productions' digital studios.
Many of his techniques are demonstrated in his monthly articles published in dozens of trade publications, newsletters and blogs, as well as his teleseminars and webinars on copywriting for radio and TV.
He’s the author of  60-Second Copywriter, Top Ten Radio Writers’ Block   Busters, How To Sell More On The Radio Using Stories, and is a major contributor to Valerie Geller’s book Beyond Powerful Radio.
He is a member of the Radio Advertising Bureau's Creative Council, the advisory board of the National Audio Theatre Festival and the Radio Mercury Awards as well as being one of its judges.
His resources for advertising, sales and production people - audio programs, workbooks, seminars, coaching, teleseminars and webinars help get results for clients, agencies and broadcasters throughout the world.
Contact him at /pdqa , 641-472-6708

All About Country recently sat down with Jeffrey and his latest thoughts on how to create effective radio advertising.

The 8 Criteria of Persuasion

It arrived in the mail and sat buried in a stack of ”I’ll read it later” solicitations. After all it was just a brochure for another awards competition – one more out of the 40 or so a year that we wouldn’t enter.
When I finally read it, the deadline had passed, but there was something in this solicitation from the Zephyr Advertising Awards for all of us who create broadcast communication.
Here’s a quote:
“…judging is based on the overall persuasive power of the work…advertising that rises above the competition and the clutter, and makes a clear, powerful case for its product.”
It’s kind of like what happens with those commercials we create, where our audience members are the judges of whether or not we have a winner.
“Work is evaluated using criteria associated with advertising that is capable of changing minds. The judges ask themselves, ‘If I were in the market for this product, would this ad be strong enough to change my beliefs and attitudes, and make me more likely to purchase the product?’
This is the primary question we should ask ourselves about every commercial we launch.
Then, just imagine what would happen if we could answer “yes” to each of the following eight Zephyr Advertising Awards judging criteria!
(Parenthetical comment is mine)
1.         Is there a Big Promise based on a major personal benefit?
2.         Is there emotional and/or factual support for the Big Promise?
3.         Is the writing informative, interesting and easy to read (listen to/watch)?
4.         Is the ad unusual or unexpected?
5.         Is the product or company personality expressed?
6.         Does it make an emotional connection with the audience?
7.         Is the message clear, simple and easy to understand?
8.         Is it strong enough to change beliefs and attitudes about the product?
Who knew I’d find inspiration for creating great commercials in a direct marketing
The awards we want to win are results for our clients who then reward us by continuing to spend money with us so we can continue to get them results. That’s persuasion.,,