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USA Media Properties Launches

USA Media Properties has launched, a website with more than 20 music channels. Headling up the effort is veteran radio programmer/executive and consultant Jim Sumpter.

"I wanted to create something completely outside the cookie-cutter, one-size fits all approach employed by way too many media outlets, whether terrestrial radio or Web-based music sites”, he said. “Once we launch, even the most casual listener will hear the difference. Each channel will be presented as an individual virtual radio station –- minus commercials or subscription fees.

“We’re making this incomparable experience affordably available to radio stations in a unique offering of our programming and management expertise, that enhances local control and content, rather than the traditional approach too often employed by consultants and the supposedly all-knowing group entity, where the local operator acts as little more than a witness," he continued. "We’ve developed an approach that can literally rebirth local radio in markets large and small. We are so certain of our ability to create success, we’ll offer our client stations guaranteed ratings success, or return their money.",,