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Johnny Chiang or John Esposito---Who's Got More Country Chops?

It will soon be decided who is the "supreme and exalted leader" of Country Radio Seminmar 2019...Cox Media Gorup Director of Operations Johnny Chiang or Warner Music Nashville Chairman John Esposito? That's the question and you vote for your favorite.

The voting site reads: "CRS is taking Country music to new places – beyond radios, beyond smartphones – perhaps beyond Mars. CRS needs more than just a President. It’s time for a Supreme and Exalted Leader to show the way. And it’s a position we need to fill. A Supreme and Exalted Leader is essential to the CRS vision and reach of Country music into the ever-expanding realms of the universe. This is more than a political position – it is a position of glorious honor.”

Each candidate also has a three item "platform." Chaing is running on a promise to launch a Coutnry artist into space, among other things.  Esposito is lobbying for a "unilateral ban on all call times on days tht end in Y."

This is ramping up to a CRS panel on viral marketing titled, "Running For Succcess: How to Maximize Grassroots Marketing Strategies,” scheduled for Tursday  February 14th at 2:30p. The voting campaign is being used to demonstrate how stations and companies can garner attention with little or no budget.

To vote for Chiang, text "VoteChiang" to 39492. To vote for Esposito, text "VoteEspo" to the same number.,,