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Country WVTY/Racine, WI Completes Lineup With Bill Mitchell in Middays

Magnum Media Country WVTY/Racine, WI has rounded out its personality lineup with Bill Mitchell joining for the 10 a.m-noon slot effective today (2/11). Mitchell, a 40-year radio veteran, has done mornngs on Magnum's Country WMBZ, 92.5 Buzz Country/West Bend, WI for seven years, and will keep those duties.

After flipping to Country last fall, WVTY has been adding staff this year, adding Mitch Morgan for mornings in January. and Van McNeil for afternoons earlier this month.

Station owner Dave Magnum said, "Factoring in market-side remote broadcasts and promotions, we wanted some personality cross pollination between Buzz Country and VTY Country With Mitch Morgan and Bill Mitchell on both stations, we’ve achieved that objective. Bill is one of those special individuals who sets out each morning with the goal of having a positive outlook and brightening the day of everyone he comes in contact with both in person and on the radio. It’s hard not to smile the moment your ears are greeted by his big voice and hearty personality.”

Added Mitchell,  “I'm mighty glad Dave Magnum asked me to join the 92.1 VTY Country air staff. A lot of Country music lovin' listeners in Southeast Wisconsin and Northeast Illinois have quickly set a preset for 92.1 VTY Country. In addition to my North Milwaukee metro duties, just two clicks up the dial on 92.5 Buzz Country, I look forward to an even wider array of cheese and sausage at even more summer fairs and festivals. I just hope I don't get any ketchup or mustard on my new 92.1 VTY Country embroidered polo shirt!",,