ACM Lifting Lives Officers Named

The newly-elected ACM Lifting Lives officers for the 2019-2020 term are: FBMM's Paul Barnabee (Chairman), Premier Global's Troy Volhoffer (Vice-Chairman), Premier Global's Troy Vollhoffer (Vice-Chairman), Fridrich & Clark's Lorie Lytle (VP), Wiles + Taylor and Co.'s Dwight Wiles (Treasurer) and ACMLL's Taylor Wolf (Secretary).

“I’m honored to have served on both the Academy of Country Music and ACM Lifting Lives boards for many years and be a part of their continuous growth. As Chairman, my aim will be to continue the good work of those who have served before me, improving lives through the power of music.  I want to thank the artists who year in and year out generously give their time to Lifting Lives and the ACM board. I look forward to working closely with Lyndsay Cruz, Executive Director, and the entire ACM team, to help Lifting Lives make an even bigger impact in 2020,” said ACM Lifting Lives Chairman Paul Barnabee.

The terms take effect in August rather than in November.  This shift makes it easier to align officers' service with the awards cycle.,,