About Us

Kim Hennes, Managing Editor/President

Kim Hennes has spent her career in the media and marketing business and has been part of All About Country since its inception in 2000. Her 30 plus year career includes working for a radio consulting company, NBC TV and working as Marketing Director for corporations such as the Kellogg Company and the Mills Corporation (shopping center outlet developers). Hennes has also owned her own full service advertising agency, Clove Marketing where she served as Creative Director and Co-President. 

Bill Hennes, Founder/Advertising Manager

Bill Hennes, a well-respected and legendary radio programmer and consultant founded All About country.com in 2000.  He has programmed stations including Country WMAQ/Chicago, Top 40 CKLW/Detroit-Windsor and continues to consult radio stations as well as music artists and record labels.
He is also President of TodaysHottestHits.com and BillHennesMedia.com .

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