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Surprising Radio Facts
Radio has a very big echo chamber, filled with fact, fiction and some folly. Today’s thoughts may create some controversy because in the radio echo chamber everything is at the same decibel level and it all sounds true. This list is what we believe to be true.
1. Radio personalities are the bricks of a radio station, not the mortar.
2. Top of mind awareness is equally, if not more, important in a PPM market than a diary market.
3. Short-burst audience interaction is some of the most magnetic content you can produce.
4. Length of time is not perceived until there is a lack of interesting content.
5. Local vital stats like time, temp, weather, traffic & quick news updates are strong emotion links that your audience really wants.
6. Any attempt to play songs that are not hits, no matter how you disguise it, will fail.
7. Marketing is quintessential to a radio station’s success. It drives cume. *The amount you save on marketing is equal to the share-points to don’t receive.
8. Spend nearly all of your time developing tune-ins and the tune-outs will go away all by themselves.
9. You don’t have to impact your entire universe of listeners in order to have a universal impact on your ratings.
10. A target too wide is simply a wall.
11. Listeners don’t dislike the idea of commercials. They simply don’t like the content of most of them.
12. If you don’t invite listeners to listen in a compelling and timely way they won’t listen.
13. Listeners recall about 1/3 the amount of time they actually spend with your station.
14. Billboards and bumper stickers are more effective than ever.
15. All of your social media platforms must be used to accentuate your broadcast content. Not the other way around.,,