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Marketing Your Station

As much as we hope for ratings growth, odds are that you will find more inconsistency than expected. So much of your ratings are a derivative of diary distribution or PPM panel placement in your market. 
There is virtually nothing you can do to ensure that your station will get its fair share of diaries/PPM distributed in the overall sampling process.
Diaries/PPM may be equally placed and evenly distributed, but that doesn't mean that they have fallen into a proportionate number of people’s hands that have a top-of-mind awareness of your station. The goal is to increase your top-of-mind awareness in the market.

To create a larger audience percentage of top-of-mind awareness you must be prepared to create a product that is extremely "user friendly" and then spend money marketing your station. This money should be looked at as an investment and not an expense, because in the long run you will get many times the return on your marketing expenditures with sales you will generate from increased ratings! If you don't want to invest marketing dollars in your station you will never reach your full ratings potential.
Today's radio world requires more long-term vision than ever before in its history, but what we are finding is an astonishing growth in shortsightedness. This will mean disaster for many owner/operators in the months ahead.  I liken it to the stock market-- would you rather put all your money in aggressive high-risk stocks, or think long term and put your money in a mutual fund that is almost guaranteed to be a good investment 10-15 years down the line?
The truth of the matter is we must all begin to think smarter and have a vision for the big picture. We need to create better listening environment for our audience, always keeping them a top priority. We need to consistently educate our listeners on the benefits we have for them and super-serve their radio needs.  If we don't, someone else will. We are really in the customer service industry where our primary purpose is to build relationships with many people we will actually never see.,,