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Subliminal Irritations
Recently a group of people from a client station and I were listening to audio of his station and I was pointing out a series of things that they do or don’t do that can be irritating to their audience even in a subconscious way. Once these things were revealed… and the audio rolled on you could see that it was irritating to the staff every time those same things happed again. Eye opening forsure but it goes deeper than that! The truth is no matter if you are conscious of an irritation or if it is subconscious, the results are very similar. This is why listeners start listening less to a radio station or stop listening all together and they may not even know why?
You might be asking, “What were the irritations?” Here is a cross-section of some things that your listeners will be affected by either consciously or subconsciously. All these things were not included with the previously mentioned radio station.
  1. Not giving the time and the temperature enough in morning drive.
  2. Not giving the temperature at the end of a forecast.
  3. Not identifying the music enough.
  4. Overreacting emotionally on the air.
  5. Talking down to a listener.
  6. Talking too much or too long without being interesting
  7. Mispronouncing well known names.
  8. Talking too much about yourself.
  9. Dead air or other short gaps.
  10. Not listening well to your callers or co-host.
  11. Not letting your co-host get a word in edgewise.
  12. Repeating everything a caller says.
  13. Speeding through important information.
  14. Talking too loud/quiet.
  15. Abrasive laughs
  16. Music mix clashes.
It would be a good idea to examine your radio station and look high and low for any irritants and then get rid of them. Once you bring these things to the attention of your on air talent (live or tracked) they will be able to make these corrections and your radio station will reach a higher level of product satisfaction. Once you reverse the irritants you will have people listening longer and not really even know why.
Maybe you’ve heard listeners tell you this in the past.,,