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Midterm Election VS Your Station
On November 6th you had the opportunity to vote for your favorite candidates & proposals. This process is not unlike what your listeners are doing right now if they are Nielsen diary holders during this Fall survey. There are some major differences however. One of the primary differences is that the voting ballot you filled out today had the names and party affiliations for the candidates right on it. Even with this aided recall you may have still had trouble recalling what some of the issues of each candidate or proposal were. Just think of how difficult it is for the average radio user to recall a multitude of details concerning their radio usage on a blank diary with no aided recall!
I have spoken with many people who have gone through this process. I am always amazed to hear what their responses have been. Here are some examples:  “ Lol, I can’t remember who I listened to and when- I listen to _ _ _ _ all the time, but I just couldn’t remember the name of the morning person,” - “ I started out filling that diary in while I was listening but then I forgot about it, so just made up the rest of it,” - “ I voted for my favorite station all the way through,” - “ I couldn’t remember which station I won those tickets on so I just filled in what my husband listens to.”
The diary methodology has long been suspect and the cause of great anxiety but instead of fearing the system we simply need to learn to navigate it to our advantage. Imagine for a moment if your station would act like a political candidate, doing all they could to get people to remember them by meeting the people face to face and a strong marketing plan, leaving nothing to chance.
A good politician never assumes that people are going to vote for them just because they believe in themselves as a candidate.
Instead they hammer home the points that make them unique and trustworthy over and over again. They also always expose the vulnerabilities of their opposition in one way or another. With radio, you don’t have to persuade all of the people or even a majority to win, you only have to persuade the diary keepers. Again, you do this through product development and marketing. NOT by chance!
Many radio stations are still hoping for a miracle to win. While I do believe in miracles, they are usually not bestowed to radio stations in hopes of higher ratings that are not doing what they need to do to win. Some stations have been waiting for years wondering when their turn for rating success will happen. If your station’s message is clear, beneficial, simplistic & credible and you follow the “candidates” model you WILL be the BIG winner in your market!,,