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It’s easy for a radio station to over-hype itself but… it’s practically impossible to over-hype your listeners! How many times have you ever heard a promo on a radio station that is all about a specific station listener? Most people I talk to say never. It’s probably because we spend most of our time trying to convince people how great we are by coming right out and saying that we are great. It’s better to let the listener come to that conclusion on their own because of what we do for them not because of what we say! 
There are many ways to for you to be your listener’s biggest fan! The primary way is to interact with them frequently on the air by way of short-burst audience interaction. An additional way is to weave this into your imaging. For example, why not spend some time profiling various listeners from your database on the air in the form of promos. Then you can tag each promo by saying, “…and proud to be a member of the 98.9 WWMG listener Family!” How unique would that be?
Here is another way to get very personable on the air and to get countless people involved with your morning show as well. *CAUTION…this idea will sound very corny at first but it’s the type of “corn” that will work!At various times, ask people to call you with the temperature they have at their house. You can then include those temperatures in your weather, “65 at Jessica Hill’s house in Hillsdale, 67 at Steve Warren’s house in Mason and 71 at 98.9 WWMG.” Not only can you get their temps but you can also get other audio from them for your morning show on various topics you are going to bring up. Get out of your box and into their heads.,,