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Cox Enterprises, parent company of Cox Media Group (CMG), just announced an agreement with Apollo Global Management, LLC to buy a majority interest of CMG's broadcast television stations, as well as its radio, newspaper and TV properties in Ohio. Cox Enterprises will maintain a minority stake and will join Apollo in forming a new company to operate these stations, which will be headquartered in Atlanta.

The television stations included in the deal are: WSB-TV/Atlanta, WFTV-TV/Orlando, WRDQ-TV/Orlando, WSOC-TV/Charlotte, WAXN-TV/Charlotte, WPXI-TV/Pittsburgh, WHIO-TV/Dayton, KIRO-TV/Seattle, WHBQ-TV/Memphis, WFOX-TV/Jacksonville, WFXT-TV/Boston, KOKI-TV/Tulsa, OK and KMYT-TV/Tulsa. CMG also provides programming, sales and other operations services for WJAX-TV/Jacksonville, FL.

In addition to
WHIO-TV/Dayton, the Apollo Funds will acquire a majority stake in Cox Media Group's other media platforms in Ohio -- Country WHKO/K99.1/ Classic Hits WZLR, and News-Talk WHIO-AM/Dayton, as well as the Dayton Daily News, Springfield News-Sun and Journal-News.

Alex Taylor, President & CEO of Cox Enterprises, stated, "We didn't make this decision lightly. Many CMG employees have been with us for the majority or all their careers. I'm proud beyond words of how the entire CMG team has operated throughout the years, especially during the past several months. Our CMG team is the best in the business. They have shown courage and resilience as we step into a brighter, stronger future."

The burning question of the hour: What do people come to radio for today? What can radio do that other media outlets can’t do? The answer was simply put by DMR/Interactive's Doug Smith, one of today's (2/15) panelists at Country Radio Seminar (CRS) in Nashville. “We need to give younger listeners that reason to tune in," he said.

went on to tell CRS attendees at “The Hidden Demo” panel about how his 15-year-old daughter wanted to come to Nashville with friends for a trip to meet a YouTube star. In response, Alpha Media’s Scott Mahalick shared that he believes radio needs to encourage its talent to do a better job of engaging younger demos, explaining, “Your daughter is going to YouTube, because she’s being entertained. If we’re not delivering good talent, where will we be?”
Luckily, radio is still in the lead. As Nielsen Audio’s Jon Miller noted, there are 7.5 million people listening to Country radio each week. And, there’s more good news: radio remains the dominant medium in the car.

Finding talent can be stressful. It can be difficult. But, as moderator and Country radio veteran Bruce Logan shared,
“Great talent can come from anywhere.” Smith supported this statement by reminding attendees that social media is a great pool in which to go fishing for talent.
Mahalick went on to give the crowd some tips about approaching potential talent on social media outlets. He encouraged attendees to look at hashtags and their own markets where there could be potential stars that are leaders in the community. “I do it all the time; I connect with them. I direct message them," he explained. "Next thing you know, they’re on the air, and you’re in business."

One attendee brought up to the panelists a concern about conservative bosses and/or owners.
How can you possibly open their minds to approach these potential talents, he wondered? “This is a way for us to use them to endorse our brand and use it in the community,” answered Mahalick. “Reverse the way you’re going at it. You want engagement, and you want these talents involved. You can all help each other.”
Smith concluded the panel discussion with a challenge to the room, saying that in radio today, if you do what you’ve always done, you won’t get the same results as you used to.

02/15/2019 12:33 PM
It's All About The Story

What does a songwriter, an author and TV/radio have in common? The story. They have all become fabulous storytellers and can make you feel sad, happy or thoughtful. The storytelling session at CRS 2019 examined all of that.  Moderated by Corporate Country Brand strategist of Midwest Communications, Tom Baldrica the panel of singer/songwriter Lori McKenna ("Humble and Kind" by Tim McGraw, "Girl Crush by Little Big Town, "Cry Pretty" by Carrie Underwood and more) and Rob Simbeck, (Bob Kingsley's "Country Top 40" and "The Washington Post", "Country Weekly" and more). The group talked about the process of storytelling and the importance of making every word count. Be prepared, concise(sweat the edit to make it as quick and to the point as possible) and memorable. 

Writer's block cannot stop you from creating. "The bills tie me to the chair," remarked . The story must have a beginning, a middle and end and all conflict must have resolution. McKenna talked about her process and the fact that she may have just a 3 1/2 minute song (maybe 12 lines) and the chorus frequently repeats. She frequently starts with the verse as opposed to the chorus. Both emphasized the importance of preparation and said that they read and listen to those who are great at telling stories.



6:30pm (CT) New Faces of Country Music Dinner and Performance Sponsored by ACM and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Performances powered by Live Nation CRS/Country Aircheck Awards Presentations; Jimmie Allen, Russell Dickerson, Lindsay Ell, Lanco,
Dylan Scott Omni, Level 2, Broadway Ballroom

“Don’t be afraid to go digital, it works,” said Brian Byers, host of the “BYERS & CO.” morning show at WSOY-AM Decatur, IL. Byers opened the panel “Crack the Code to Digital Revenue: Real Ideas to Drive Digital Dollars” Thursday (2/14) at Country Radio Seminar (CRS) in Nashville. Last year in the U.S., businesses spent $247 billion recruiting advisory employees, he said. And while it may be difficult to connect with a younger audience, BYERS affirmed that what won’t work are brochures, job fairs or bad radio ads. 

Following Byers’ presentation, SOCAST Dir./Sales and Marketing Eric Eisen said,
“Digital is definitely core to connecting your advertisers and core branding in this digital era. It is important to connect your listeners to advertisers using [digital].” Radio is starting to sell more digital,” he said, noting that about 25% of radio customers are buying digital from stations. This puts radio in a good position to drive buyers’ journey from the awareness stage, by creating on-air spots, to the digital integrated stage. He also noted that digital and radio are not separate and should be actively paired together. 

Jacki Petersson, Sr. Account Manager at Emmis WLHK/97.1 HANK FM/Indianapolis, spoke about the digital selling tools she uses for the station, and two key strategies that she has observed as being helpful.
The first key item is developing a deep, ongoing understanding of what the client needs and what they are trying to accomplish. She added, “This is not accomplished after one meeting.” Her second tip was creatively using the digital and social platforms that you have in an effort to match your clients’ brand with your stations’ brand. While the platforms continue to evolve, “It’s really not about the technology, it’s about figuring out how to creatively use the technology,” said Petersson

The final panelist Stephen St. Pierre, Pandora Dir./Central Region Sales, took the audience to the base level of selling digital fundamentals: understand the rules; know your competition (ex. INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE); sell the audience not the platform; know your role in the funnel (e.g. awareness, engagement, discovery, purchase, retention); and follow the consumer (e.g. smart speakers, mobile devices, etc.).
He noted in his presentation that the one product all the attendees have in common is audio. Pierre said, “Digital is not a problem, it is an ecosystem, and the more we can encourage ourselves and sales people to understand the fundamentals of that ecosystem, it will then be easier to sell digital. “ 

CH-ch-ch Changes
The FCC voted on Thursday (2/14) to eliminate the Broadcast Mid-Term Report (Form 397) filing requirement.  The form, used in mid-term reviews of EEO practices, duplicates information in stations' public files.   But the Commission will also issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to look at other options to collect EEO information, some of which has not been collected for 15 years.  No details of the NPRM were disclosed, but Chairman AJIT PAI indicated that it will be issued within 90 days.

also, the Commission issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on the proposals to streamline and alter the rules and procedures for licensing and resolving mutually exclusive applications for new noncommercial educational broadcast and low power FM stations. 
The proposals include eliminating the requirement that NCE applicants amend their governing documents to add a pledge that localism/diversity be maintained to get points as “established local applicants” and for “diversity of ownership”; change the tie-breaker process and reduce the need for mandatory time-sharing; extend NCE construction permits from 18 months to a year; allow LPFM CP transfers after an 18-month holding period and eliminate the 3-year holding period for LPFM license assignments.

       Zac Brown
Amazon Music hosted its second annual “Amazon Music Presents:Country Heat” at this year’s Country Radio Seminar (CRS) on Wednesday, February 13TH. The two-hour showcase at Nashville’s Omni Hotel featured performances by Zac Brown Band, King Calaway, Adam Hambrick, Hardy and Tenille Townes. 

Recent BMG/BBR Music Group signing King Calaway opened the night with their debut single, “World for Two,” which goes to Country radio on Monday, February 18th. They were followed by Columbia Nashville’s Townes, who sang her current single, “Somebody’s Daughter,” as well as the poignant “Jersey on the Wall.” Up-and-comer Big Loud’s Hardy performed his debut single, “Rednecker,” and “Signed, Sober You,” followed by Capitol Nashville’s Hambrick, who took the stage with his single, “Rockin’ All Night Long.” 

The headliner was the multi-platinum GRAMMY award winning Country rock group Zac Brown Band, recently signed with BMG/BBR’s Wheelhouse imprint. They performed their brand-new single, “Someone I Used To Know,” and the track “God Given” live for the first time, then closed out the show with their own rendition of Queen’s iconic “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Schwarzenegger and Adkins (Twitter)
The community of Thousand Oaks, CA gathered on Monday, February 11th for a benefit concert at the Civic Arts Plaza to honor the victims and survivors of the November 2018 mass shooting at Borderline Bar & Grill that killed 12 people and injured many more. The “Borderline Strong” concert was organized by the Academy Of Country Music’s philanthropic arm, Lifting Lives.
Hosted by actor/singer Charles Esten, the benefit concert featured performances by Country artists Trace Adkins, Jimmie Allen, Deana Carter, Cassadee Pope, Tyler Rich, Runaway June, Morgan Evans, and Gone West, a new Country band that includes colbie caillat. All proceeds from the concert will benefit Ventura County Community Foundation’s Conejo Valley Victim’s Fund, which supports the restoration efforts related to the shooting.

During an intimate night of Country music, there were a number of celebrity appearances including actress/singer Hailee Steinfeld, actor Casey Affleck, and special guest ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, former governor of California, introducing Adkins’ performance.
Posting on Twitter the day after the concert, Schwarzenegger said,
“I was inspired by how these fantastic artists and the community came together to support the victims and their families. This is America. #BorderlineStrong.”

CRS 2019 kicked off Day #2 with Garth Brooks talking with Amazon's Steve Boom about their streaming relationship. Amazon is the exclusive Garth streaming vehicle.  Garth spoke again about his concern about songwriters and their abilities to make a living in Nashville and how he is doing everything he can to work on their behalf making sure that they are paid royalties for their work.  Garth is passionate about songwriters and their importance in the music industry. He even commented about whether Amazon could benefit them in the future.

He talked about country music fans and their passion and loyalty. Both Boom and Brooks are constantly working on ways to expand the things that Alexa can supply and help country fans hear and buy country music.  Even radio can be part of this equation.  There is no reason radio, who delivers customers to purchase product should get a piece of the pie, according to Garth.

"Alexa helps you find things...things you haven't listened to in a while," said Garth. And, he also emphasized that Alexa's possibilities are endless.

Amazon is also working on improving their statistics and research to see consumers' listening and buying habits. Garth talked about streaming and that fact that it comes with no labels about your age, looks, etc.  If someone finds you streaming, they just love your song.

Garth gave country music a shot in the arm when he commented that country terrestrial radio "ain't going anywhere." This is where listeners discover new music.

02/14/2019 4:31 PM
Tom Swank Passes
WHTH-A-W299CG, 107.7/Newark, OH GM Tom Swank was killed Tuesday (2/12) in a one car crash in Heath, OH. He was 73.

Swank worked at Owens-Corning and the Newark Advocate before joining WHTH as an account executive in 1970; he become GM in 1988.

CRS 2019 presented this year's Edison Research results from their study commissioned by Country Radio Seminar, entitled "Unerstanding Parents, Teens and Country Music" research this afternoon (2/14).

"What will CRS 100 look like and how will we get there?" asked Edison Research's Larry Rosin.  Rosin says the answer is pay attention to teenagers now...they are the next Country music listeners and consumers. Teens are the key for our growth over the 50 years.

VP Megan Lazovick and Director of Research Laura Ivey then took to the stage to talk about their findings after a national survey of paretns and teens.  The videos and findings were then presented.

Overall, the relationship between the parents and teenagers are much better than when the parents were being raised by their parents.

1. Nearly half of teenagers say that music is a "bonding activity" with their parents.

2. 60% of teens who listen to Country music say their parents have gotten them to listen more to Country music.

3. The "Share of Ear" study, AM/FM radio remains the platform for teens with 63% of 13-19 year olds listening to radio every day.

4. 94% of parents and teens listen and 68% help with technology for parents.  Teens are pulling parents to new technology.

5. A large portion of radio's listeners have at least one teen in their household.

Teens explained their perceptions about AM/FM and radio need to do a better job of postioning and explaining our benefits (live and local) vs. music consumption in other ways. Begin to research teens and reach out to local high schools.  Perhaps a campus rep for your radio station could be named at the local high school.  If an artist comes to your market perhaps a performance could be done at your local high school vs. your station.  Reach out to parents of teens and teens when they may be spending time driving together. Teens talked about playlists.  Radio invented playlists. Can we publish a playlist? Can we recomment new music? 

Robert Earl Keen announces Spring 2019 dates. Keen kicks off a new slate of high-energy full-band concerts with the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo on March 17 and ends in Baton Rouge on April 20 for a twenty-date run. More dates to be added.

Just in time for the last-minute Valentine, give a gift you both can enjoy. Tickets for these newly announced concerts are on sale now! 

Tickets for Robert Earl Keen are now on sale in the following markets:
*Go on sale Friday at 10:00amCST
**Date with George Strait and Lyle Lovett

         At CRS
NUVOODOO Media Services Pres. Carolyn Gilbert, Warner Music Nashville Chairman/CEO John Esposito, and KKWF/Seattle PD Drew Bland will be featured on a Country Radio Seminar (CRS) 2019 panel Today (2/14).
The three panelists are hoping to garner as many votes as they possibly can for Esposito to win the esteemed title of “Supreme And Exalted Leader Of CRS50”. He’s currently battling it out with COX Media Group Dir./Operations Johnny Chiang.
“One of the best ways to spread your message is to get as much free press [as possible] from appropriate and esteemed media,” noted Gilbert. “Send out as many press releases as you can.”
Added Bland, “That’s how we get everyone to vote for [Esposito]. Text VoteEspo to 39492.”

 Heart IswithThe  Homelessness 
Alpha Media/Peoria on-air hosts took part in the “Gimme Shelter - A Night to End Homelessness” event on Friday, January 8th. Country WXCL/104.9 THE WOLF midday  host Mike Stechman, AC WSWT/MIX 106.9/ Content Dir./Morning Mix co-host Randy Rundle and raised over $2,900 by spending 12 hours overnight in cardboard boxes in negative-degree weather to call attention to the homelessness problem in


The 2019 entire event raised $73,000, which will benefit the South Side Office of Concern to support their efforts to provide permanent supportive housing to end homelessness.

“This was an eye-opening experience for me and I feel blessed that I have a home and a bed to go to at night, for not just myself, but my family," Stechman said. "I realized that participating in this event that many people and families are not so lucky. I am very humbled and honored to be a part of such a great cause to help raise awareness in the fight to end homelessness.” 
“It was a very cold night, but the time we spent outside in cardboard boxes was nothing compared to what the many homeless people in the Peoria area face every night," Rundle said. "I was happy to once again be a part of this event and I thank everyone for their donations and support.”

 “I am glad to see this event continue to grow and increase the amount raised each year, and I am proud to have our stations continue to be a part of this event," Alpha Media/Peoria SVP/Market Manager Mike Wild said. "It is difficult to truly understand how many people suffer from homelessness, especially in the Winter, and this is a great effort to shed light on that fact and raise awareness in our community.” 

More information about “Gimme Shelter” can be found here.

February 14, 2019 - ACM New Male Vocalist of the Year Brett Young will perform his Top 15-and-rising single “Here Tonight” on The Bachelor. Filmed at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver, Colorado, fans can tune-in to catch Young's performance Monday, February 18, 2019, at 7:00P CT / 8:00P ET, on ABC. The lead single from Young’s sophomore effort TICKET TO L.A. on BMLG Records, “Here Tonight” already has over 65 million streams in the US and was co-written alongside Ben Caver, Justin Ebach and Charles Kelley.
TICKET TO L.A. debuted atop the Billboard Country Albums chart and follows his PLATINUM self-titled debut, which dominated the Top 20 on the Country Albums chart for 37 weeks.
Following his current headlining dates, Young is set to join Kelsea Ballerini on the MISS ME MORE TOUR.
He will also perform at multiple festivals throughout summer including stops at LakeShake in Chicago, IL on June 22 and Faster Horses in Brooklyn, MI on July 19.
For additional information and dates, visit



Pictured (L-R): MusicRow Chart Director Alex Kobrick, Black River Entertainment artist Kelsea Ballerini,MusicRow Owner/Publisher Sherod Robertson. Photo: Haley Crow/MusicRow
Eight Country Breakout Award categories recognized achievements on the MusicRow Country Breakout Chart for the prior year

Live performances were made by Sea Gayle’s CJ Solar and independent artist Chance McKinney
2019 MusicRow Country Radio print issue debuted at the event
MusicRow, a Nashville music industry publication, proudly presented its 2019 CountryBreakout Awards before a group of radio gatekeepers and MusicRowsubscribed members yesterday (Feb. 13) during the 17th Annual Country Radio Meet & Greet and CountryBreakout Awards. The event's presenting sponsor was business management firm Vaden Group/Elliott Davis. Sea Gayle Records' CJ Solar and independent artist Chance McKinney offered tantalizing sets of new music. 

Held in advance of the 2019 Country Radio Seminar (CRS), the 17th annual event was again held at The Listening Room Cafe in Nashville to showcase the recipients of the 2019 CountryBreakout Awards, calculated from spin performance on the CountryBreakout Chart from the prior year.

“Each year it is a privilege to honor the deserving talent that rose to great heights on MusicRow’s CountryBreakout Chart,” said MusicRow Owner/Publisher Sherod Robertson. "These artists, songwriters, label executives and reporters have given us their best throughout last year.
MusicRow's 2019 CountryBreakout Awards print issue debuted at the ceremony, profiling the winners and featuring exclusive editorial. The annual country radio issue further highlights how secondary radio continues to fuel country star Granger Smith's career.

The magazine profiles incoming CRS leader RJ Curtis in addition to outgoing leader Bill Mayne. Elaina Smith from NASH Nights Live talks how she has made her platform available for those women who want to hear women on country radio. CMA Award winning radio maven, Becca Walls, is also profiled alongside MusicRow chart reporter Arnie Andrews WCOW-COW9/ Sparta, Wisconsi), discussing how his station is seeing the highest revenue in its history.

Curb Records recording artist Dylan Scott graces the cover of MusicRow's 17th Annual CountryBreakout Awards print issue. The Louisiana native has earned his first No. 1 with "My Girl," which has been certified Platinum. His latest single, "Hooked," was certified Gold and his Nothing To Do Town Tour kicked off in January. 

  • Male Artist of the Year: Jason Aldean
  • Female Artist of the Year: Kelsea Ballerini
  • Group/Duo of the Year: Florida Georgia Line 
  • Breakout Artist of the Year: Jordan Davis
  • Independent Artist of the Year: CJ Solar
  • Label of the Year: Capitol Records Nashville
  • Songwriter of the Year: Shane McAnally
  • Reporter of the Year: Derek Beck (KRGI, Grand Island, Nebraska)

8am Digital Partnership Breakfast John Marks, Paul Logan, Laura Ohls, Mary Catherine Kinney, Jay Liepis, Sally Seitz, Madison Hanten, Margaret Hart, Rachel Whitney, Kelly Rich, Beville Dunkerley, Allison Laughter Omni, Level 3, Cumberland 3-4

8am Programming Mentoring Breakfast Sponsored by SoCast Digital Travis Daily, John Foxx, Nikki Thomas, Tim Roberts, Tim Richards, Kevin Callahan, Grover Collins, Ginny Brophey, Cindy Spicer, Kyle Due, Jay Cruze, Mark Anderson, Justin Cole, Mike Preston, JD Greene, Tom Hanrahan, Michael Levine, Joel Raab, Phil Hunt, David Corey, Drew Bland Omni, Level 3, Cumberland 5-6

8am Sales Mentoring Breakfast Sarah Fraizer, Allison Warren, Dan Endom, Jeff James, Judy Lakin Omni, Level 3, Cumberland 1-2

9am Music Scheduling Workshops Presented by MusicMaster Scheduling and RCS MusicMaster: Brook Stephens, Joe Knapp, Jerry Butler, Chris Huff; RCS/GSelector: Drew Bennett, Nate Mumford, Bryan “B-Dub” Washington Omni, Level 3, Cumberland 1-2

9am Production Workshop Kelly Doherty, Ron Tarrant, Steve Taylor Omni, Level 3, Cumberland 3-4

9am Voice + Talent Coaching Workshop featuring Marice Tobias, “The Voice Whisperer” Marice Tobias Omni, Level 3, Cumberland 5-6

9am Back to the Future: Turning the Remotes of Yesterday Into the Remotes of Today Moderator: Tom Baldrica; Panelists: Joey Tack, Page Nienaber, Mason Meyer Omni, Level 2, Legends A-C 9am The Metrics That Matter to Predict Radio Hits Moderator: Bob Richards; Panelists: Jeff Green, Victoria Nugent, Nancy Wilson Omni, Level 2, Legends D-G

10am A Town Hall Conversation with Garth Brooks & Amazon Music’s Steve Boom Moderator: Melinda Newman; Speakers: Garth Brooks, Steve Boom Omni, Level 2, Legends Ballroom, D-G

10am-6pm Jamie O’Neal’s Breakout Room Omni, Level 2, Music Row 3

11:30am Team UMG at the Ryman Kassi Ashton, Dierks Bentley, Eric Church, Jordan Davis, Travis Denning, Vince Gill, Adam Hambrick, Caylee Hammack, Brandon Lay, Little Big Town, Maddie & Tae, Darius Rucker, Chris Stapleton, Keith Urban Ryman Auditorium

2:30pm Crack the Code to Digital Revenue: Real Ideas to Drive Digital Dollars Moderator: Erica Farber; Panelists: Kevin Epps, Jacki Petersson, Bryan Byers, Eric Eisen, Stephen St. Pierre Omni, Level 3, Legends Ballroom A-C

2:30pm Running for Success: How to Maximize Grassroots Marketing Strategies Moderator: Becky Brenner; Panelists: Johnny Chiang, John Esposito, Jeff James, Carolyn Gilbert Omni, Level 2, Legends Ballroom D-G

2:30pm Small Market Boot Camps: One Room, Three Mini Sessions Moderator: Tom Baldrica; Panelists: Ashley Main & Dale Desmond, Scott Musgrave & Pepper Davis, Brooke Taylor & Carsen Omni, Level 3, Cumberland 3-4

3:30pm CRS Research Presentation: Understanding Parents, Teens and Country Music Presented by Edison Research Larry Rosin, Megan Lazovick Omni, Level 2, Legends Ballroom D-G

4:30pm Beer-Thirty: Town Hall Thursday Haley Jones, Karina Farias Omni, Level 2, Legends Ballroom D-G

4:30pm SSM Nashville Happy Hour Omni, Level 2, Music Row 1

5pm “90s Country” Night at CRS Sponsored by the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum Walker Hayes, Brandon Ratcliff Hall of Fame Event Hall

7pm Bob Kingsley’s Acoustic Alley Sponsored by Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40 and First Tennessee Bank First drink sponsored by ASCAP Rhett Akins, Chris DeStefano, Chase McGill, Laura Veltz, JT Harding, Luke Laird, Lori McKenna, Brett James, Lee Thomas Miller, Heather Morgan Omni, Level 2, Legends Ballroom A-C

8pm Big & Rich Blowout Party Redneck Riviera, 208 Broadway

     Wilhite & Wall
Business Services Management Country KOTE/COYOTE 93.9/Eureka, KS has added Rockcastle Media Networks' "Wilhite & Wall" show for middays.

“There’s a reason why Wilhite & Wall is the only ACM-nominated morning show, and even more stations are recognizing the power this duo brings to other dayparts as well,” said Rockcastle President/CEO Will Sterrett. “Wilhite & Wall features top notch content while letting affiliates keep their own clocks, imaging, and music mix, all on a 100% self-contained barter basis.”

Also, Rockcastle's "The Motivation Minute With Greg Knapp" has been added by KOTE and J-Systems Franchising Corp. AC WMGH/MAGIC 105.5-Adult Standards WLSH-AM/Lansford, PA, while "Today In Rock History" and "Timesweep With Dominic Forbes" has been added at Benne Media Classic Hits KPOW-FM/POWER 97.7/Sedalia, MO.

Swank (Pix: Reed-Egan Funeral Home)

Runnymede Corp. Classic Hits WNKO/KOOL 101.7/ and Country WHTH-AM-W299CG/107.7 BUCKEYE COUNTRY/Newark, OH GM Tom Swank was killed Tuesday (2/12) in a one-car crash in Heath, OH, the stations are reporting.  He was 73.

worked at Owens-Corning and the Newark Advocate before joining WHTH as an account executive in 1970; he became GM in 1988. 

"Time vampires" can steal your time, according to the Time Management seminar at CRS 2019 today. Big Loud Records President Clay Hunnicaut and VP/Promotion Stacy Waugh and Cox WWKA /Orlando Director of Operations Steve Stewart in talking about how best to use your time.

The Thirteen Commandments of Time Management are:

1. Don't wait until things become a crisis
2. Pick priorities- Tackle the hardest and biggest tasks firsts
3. Make a to-do list routines/schedules/lists
4. Do a "must dos" and "nice to do list".  Set priorities and get the big stuff done first.
5. Dare to break the to do list
6. When things get out of control-don't blame-look for a solution
7. Know when to quit or stop
8. Don't look back, look forward
9. If you delegate assume it may not come out like you wanted it to.  Explain what you are expecting and give a dealine.
10. "No" is an answer
11. Take time to catch your breath and find motivation
12. Share the vision with the people you're leading
13. White at night-Have your email clear when you go to bed. Answer email, file it and delete all you don't need. 

Panelists talked about carrying a planner and going old school by writing things down and color code it...according to family, work, etc. You need to clear your mind and relax.  It's essential to your productivity, creativity and overall happiness.


Warner Music Nashville hosted its first-ever "Warner Music Nashville Luncheon" at the Omni Hotel in Nashville as a part of the Country Radio Seminar (CRS) 2019. The performance lineup included Morgan Evans, Cole Swindell, Devin Dawson, Chris Janson, Cody Johnson, Ashley McBryde, Dan + Shay and Blake Shelton who recvied the 2019 Artist Humantiarian Award.

Both Cody Johnson and Ashley McBryde received standing ovations for their performances.

Shelton said, "“I think the cool thing about Country artists is that I felt like we all step up anytime we get a chance,” said Shelton. “We have the easy part; we get to make music and somehow that generates awareness for certain things, it generates money for things, and I don’t think any of us don’t step up any time we get a chance.”

02/13/2019 3:48 PM
50th CRS Kicks Off
Bill Mayne
RS kicked off today in Nashville and during Opening Ceremonies things were a little bittersweet as outgoing Executive Director Bill Mayne welcomed incoming RJ Curtis. Mayne thanked his staff who "work 51 weeks a year to make this happen." Curtis added that leaves big shoes to fill. 

Stoney Creek's Jimmie Allen sang a capella "Star Spangled Banner," and U.S. military band Six String Soldiers "Unsung Heroes."

The Tom Rivers Humanitarian Award service award was given to "Dollar Bill" Lawson from WDXB, 102.5 The Bull in Birmingham for his selfless service to St. Jude and has raised $3 million in Birmingham for them.

Cumulus has swapped WNSH/New York and Classic Coutnry WHLL-AM & AC WMAS/ Springfield, MA to Entercom in exchange for its three-station Indianapolis cluster.  Entercom now has six stations in their NY cluster.

An LMA begins March 1, with the sales closing expected in the second quarter.

Steve Albertson with 
Faith and Tim
KFGE PD, Lincoln, NE's  Steve Albertsen has left the NRG cluster after more than 15 years.  He is looking for his next opportunity.  His career includes time at KEFM/Omaha.  Get in touch with him at 402-332-7666 or via email here.

Market Manager Ami Graham is looking fro his replacement.  She is looking for someone with experience managing several stations and a proven track record of success is a must; Country and/or AC experience is preferred. Send resumes, airchecks and performance highlights to Graham .

10am-6pm Jamie O’Neal’s Breakout Room Omni, Level 2, Music Row 3

11:45am-12pm Paulina Jayne Performance Broadway Pre-Function Area

12pm Warner Music Nashville Lunch + Performance Sponsored by Warner Music Nashville Blake Shelton, Devin Dawson, Morgan Evans, Chris Janson, Cody Johnson, Ashley McBryde, Cole Swindell Omni, Level 2, Broadway Ballroom

2pm Time Management: Your Success Depends on It Clay Hunnicutt, Stacy Waugh, Steve Stewart Omni, Level 2, Legends Ballroom D-G 

3pm CRS 2019 Opening Ceremonies Sponsored by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Omni, Level 2, Legends Ballroom D-G

3:30pm Tom Rivers Award Presentation + CRHoF 2019 Announcement Tom Rivers Award Winner “Dollar Bill” Lawson; Class of 2019 CRHoF announcement Omni, Level 2, Legends Ballroom D-G

4pm Keynote Presentation: “Country Music” Sponsored by CMA Writer/Producer Dayton Duncan; Kurt Johnson Omni, Level 2, Legends Ballroom D-G

4pm Westwood One Lounge Sponsored by CMA Ty Bentli, Chuck Wicks, Shawn Parr, Elaina Smith, Blair Garner Omni, Level 2, 5th Avenue Pre-Function Area

5pm CRS Welcome Reception Sponsored by CMA and Live Nation Broadway Pre-Function Area

5pm SSM Nashville Happy Hour Omni, Level 2, Music Row 1

6pm Amazon Music Presents: Country Heat at CRS Sponsored by Amazon Music; Performances Powered by Live Nation Featuring: Radio Ink PD Awards; Zac Brown Band, Tenille Townes, Adam Hambrick, HARDY, King Calaway Omni, Level 2, Broadway Ballroom

8:30pm An Intimate Solo Acoustic Performance with Garth Brooks Bridgestone Arena

9pm GrassRoots Promotion 2019 Starlight Dinner Bridgestone Arena Platinum Club

9pm Sun Broadcast Group Tailgate Party Featuring DJ Sinister Omni, Level 1, Barlines

9:30-11pm CJ Solar Mardi Gras Party & New Music Preview Omni, Suite TBA

Six new members of the 2019 Coutnry Radio Hall of Fame were announced today at CRS 2019.  They are KPLX and KSCS/Dallas PD Mac Daniels, the late WIVK/Knoxivlle VP/GM Bobby Denton, Cox Country Format Leader and KCYY/San Antonoi OM Jeff Garrison, vet market manager and programmer Gregg Lindahl and SiriusXM's Charlie Monk and Kyle Cantrell.

The new honorees will be celebrated and inducted at the Country Radio Hall of Fame Induction and Dinner in Nashville June 19.

Using MediaBase. BuzzAngle Data
Mediabase and Buzzangle Music are entering into a new, long-term partnership with Townsquare Media, where the two parties will provide Townsquare with comprehensive music listening and consumption data for more than 320 radio stations across the U.S. 
“We’re excited to expand our partnership with TOWNSQUARE to serve as their exclusive provider of airplay monitoring data, and we look forward to working with their programming team,” Mediabase Pres. and RCS Worldwide Pres./CEO Philippe Generali said. “It’s also exciting to witness Mediabase’s growing affiliate roster, which is a testament to the comprehensive and accurate airplay information we provide to radio stations and the music industry.” 
“Townsquare is committed to creating great local radio,” Townsquare Media COO Erik Hellum said.Mediabase and BuzzAngle help our programmers stay in touch with our listeners’ tastes and trends every day, every hour. In our rapidly evolving business, Premiere Networks helps us stay ahead of the curve."

New Smart Speaker Data

The latest NUVOODOO Ratings Prospects Study has some interesting information on smart speaker use, showing that among persons 14-54, use of the devices is up to 43% and even deeper among those likely to be in a Nielsen ratings sample.  The news may be good for radio, for which listening to an FM station's stream on the devices is common, but also for pureplay streaming audio services, which is also growing.

NUVOODOO EVP, Research Insights Leigh Jacobs said,
“Spurred by verbatim comments picked up in client studies in the past year, we asked Smart Speakers owners to agree or disagree with this statement: 'I've had problems when asking smart speakers to play one of my favorite AM or FM stations' -- and 46% of Smart Speaker owners agree. That’s a lot of potential occasions snubbed out because the Alexa couldn’t find what they were asking for or played the wrong thing.”

NUVOODOO EVP, Marketing Mike O'Connor said, "Jeff Bezos
recently touted Alexa’s improved ability to understand requests and answer questions, proudly announcing that the number of learned skills had doubled to over 80,000 worldwide. In the face of this tectonic shift in audio distribution, radio station listeners have identified a 'skill gap' when attempting to access their favorite radio station. These data say to the industry, 'Drop everything and address this – NOW!'"

NUVOODOO Pres./CEO Carolyn Gilbert added,
“The good news is that more homes have Smart Speakers -- and that’s a huge opportunity for radio and for those who are smart enough to optimize their brands’ positioning on them. We invite all radio professionals to learn more about the opportunities and insights uncovered by our latest Ratings Prospects Study at our SPRING 2019 Webinar Series beginning TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19th at Noon Eastern.”


Find out more about the webinar and register at


With annual U.K. shows becoming the norm for Platinum-selling singer-songwriter Chase Rice, his passionate audience base has spread across the pond at an incredible rate. He was recently featured on the U.K.'s biggest radio station, BBC R2, for a session on “The Country Show with Bob Harris and will soon return for the C2C: Country to Country Music Festival 2019. To celebrate this international success, Rice is thanking his loyal fans across the globe with Lambs & Lions (Worldwide Deluxe), available worldwide as the title implies on Friday, March 1.

“Our European fans blew us away when they sold out our first overseas tour two years ago, and they haven’t let up since,” shares Rice. “We spent the end of 2018 in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham – and they sang every word to our album cuts, especially ‘On Tonight’ off Lambs & Lions. That reaction is what inspired us to create a special U.K. version of the song, and then we asked ourselves, ‘why stop there?’ I’m excited that we can get this new musicin their hands right before we head back over for C2C in March.”
Lambs & Lions (Worldwide Deluxe) features the original album’s 10 tracks, including U.S. Top 20 lead single “Three Chords & The Truth” as well as current Top 20 smash hit “Eyes On You,” which has been streamed 100 million times and counting. The deluxe edition also boasts re-imagined versions of “On Tonight” and “Eyes On You” as well as new music with “Love Me Like You Don’t” and “25 Wexford St.,” which takes its name from an Irish pub’s address.

As U.K.-based Country Music Magazine proclaims,Chase Rice will be bringing the good times to C2C this year.” Praised by fellow U.K. outlets Entertainment Focus for having audiences “completely in the palm of his hand” as well as Building Our Own Nashville as “globally in-demand” and “one of country music’s most exciting voices,” Rice will take the stage at London’s O2 Arena on Friday, March 8, Glasgow’s SSE Hydro on Saturday, March 9 and Dublin’s 3 Arena on Sunday, March 10.

Lambs & Lions (Worldwide Deluxe) Track Listing:
  1. Lions (Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley, Chase Rice)
  2. On Tonight (Jessie Jo Dillon, Chase McGill, Jon Nite)
  3. Unforgettable (Chase Rice, Josh Miller, Steven Lee Olson, David Garcia)
  4. Eyes On You (Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley, Chase Rice)
  5. Saved Me (MCV, Josh Hoge, Chase Rice)
  6. One Love, One Kiss, One Drink, One Song (Jesse Rice, Chase Rice)
  7. Jack Daniel’s Showed Up (Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley, Chase Rice)
  8. Three Chords & The Truth (Chase Rice, Ross Copperman, Jon Nite)
  9. Amen (Rodney Clawson, Jamie Moore)
  10. This Cowboy’s Hat (feat. Ned LeDoux) (Jake Brooks)
  11. On Tonight (U.K. Edition) (Jessie Jo Dillon, Chase McGill, Jon Nite)
  12. 25 Wexford St. (Chase Rice, Chris DeStefano, Jim Beavers)
  13. Eyes On You (Acoustic) (Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley, Chase Rice)
  14. Love Me Like You Don’t (Greg Bates, Shelley Skidmore, Michael White) 
For more information, visit Follow on Twitter and Facebook @ChaseRiceMusic or on Instagram @ChaseRice.

 'Angst-Filled' Single Follows Success Of Multi-Week No. One Hat Trick At Country Radio After a trifecta of multi-week back-to-back chart-toppers, three-time and reigning ACM "Entertainer of the Year" Jason Aldean continues the momentum today with the release of his new single, the haunting title-track behind his No. One album REARVIEW TOWN. The fourth release from his record-breaking eighth studio album, which boasts over 500 million streams, follows his most recent 22nd career No. One “Girl Like You” and evokes a nostalgic and "relatable premise"(Huffington Post). Written by Kelley Lovelace, Bobby Pinson and Neil Thrasher, its lyric video mixes childhood and early-career photos of the multi-Platinum entertainer with footage from sold-out shows and award show accolades that fans can see here.

“Sometimes you have to let go of the things behind you, that have held you down and look forward,” Aldean said. “That’s this song to me and I think a lot of my people have been there in their lives too.”

is only the second Country act in history to score four consecutive chart-toppers on the all-genre Billboard 200 albums chart with his current album REARVIEW TOWN, with six of his previous LPs having achieved Platinum certification or better.
The path paved by his wide-open, sure-footed approach has defined the genre’s 21st century including more than 18 billion streams, 17 million total album sales, 22 No. One singles and countless recognition from the GRAMMYs, ACMs, CMAs, BBMAs, People’s Choice Awards and more. The "musically muscular, big-tent entertainer” (The Atlantic) will deliver a mix of new hits and fan favorites during his 2019 RIDE ALL NIGHT TOUR launching May 3rd with back to back nights in Uncasville, CT with special guests Kane Brown, Carly Pearce and Dee Jay Silver. For more information and for a full list of upcoming tour dates, visit,,